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TV confusion.

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So I have 2 Insignia fire tv edition tvs, 1 Toshiba fire tv edition tv, and 1 firestick 4k. All are given different names, kitchen fire tv, master fire tv, david's fire tv and theater fire tv. All are assigned to their proper groups in the app and linked to an echo in the proper room/group. The only exception is the firestick but that is still in the box, never even plugged in. Amazon did link it to my account when I bought it so it is listed as a device in the app.

So here is the problem,  Each tv/echo combination acts properly if I use the words fire tv in the command such as turn on/off fire tv. Recently I found I could just ask for tv, not fire tv. Well come to find out that only works with theater fire tv. Any other room/group still requires the old phrasing fire tv. Not only that but I am finding that any echo in the house will turn on/off theater fire tv with "alexa, tv on/off " That should not happen. Only the echos in the same group as the tv are linked.

Confusing, I know but I just dread having to explain this mess if I have to deal with amazon echo tech support. They seem to get confused too easily!

Has anyone run into something like this yet?

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