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Simple repeat color loop with three colors

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Christmas is coming up and I have installed a HUE outdoor light strip on my balcony.

I'm trying to understand Webcore but it is to difficult for me to wrap my head around therefor this reach out.

This is what I want to accomplish.

Hue Outdoor strip will do a color loop, when a virtual switch turns on, with the colors blue, red and green and continue loop this three colors with a 5 seconds interval until the virtual switch is turned off.

This seems like a super simple task to do in Webcore but I cant get the repeat functionality to work, can someone do a webcore piston as described above and share the backup code for me to try.


Best wishes,


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Got it to work, like this...

NO, THIS DO NOT WORK with Philips Hue outdoor light strip.

See my post below.


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EDIT...the above didn't work as intended.


You have to work with HSL color value to get this piston to work properly.


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