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Problem with Nest Hello

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I installed a Nest hello some time ago. I remember when it was added to the Google app it created it's own home, with my name.
That was fine back then, everything worked fine. 

I have four homes in my Google app. One is from my Hubitat Hub. All my Google Homes, mini's, Hub's, etc are in there. Another Home is called, "Matthew Abrames." That is where my Nest Hello is. Nest created it when installing the Hello doorbell.

Now, in order to get the video's doorbell's video to automatically be sent to your Google/Nest video devies, they must be in the same home. (phew)
If I try to change Homes to a Google/Nest screen or the Nest VD, I get a message the two devices can't comuicate.

I get the chime but not the video on my display's

Does anyone have a clue to what I'm trying to say or possabley, hope you may have my solution.
I can think of two things to try but they are a shot in the dark, and a long way to get there and find out it won't work.

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Hi I would try individually moving devices to the a different a home on the app. If that doesn't work then I would try factory resetting all the devices and deleting the extra houses then try adding them again. That's all I can think of Really.  @AYL_Brian may know more. overwise I would try contacting Google Nest support:  https://support.google.com/googlenest/gethelp



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