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Problem with Action Blocks and Routine action "Say Something"

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I was able to use a neat feature of Google Home Routines called "Say Something".  When the Routine runs is says a personalized message.

This runs great when I use Google Assistant to invoke it, BUT if I try to get Action Blocks to invoke it, it only shows the message as Text, it does not speak it.

If I check the box in Action Blocks to "Always speak action out loud", it only speaks the name of the routine, not the Say Something text that is in the Routine

Google says Action Blocks are part of its disability efforts

https://support.google.com/accessibility/android/answer/9711267?hl=en#:~:text=Action Blocks uses the Google Assistant to make,to your Home screen with a custom image.


And on that same URL with that message direct me to their disability support


But that team says they don't support Action Blocks


Does anyone know how to contact Google about Action Blocks issues? This would be a great feature for the disabled and elderly



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I have an update from the Google Disability Group, which handles support for Action Blocks

It turns out that although its OK to have the word "routine" in the name of the Google Home Routine when invoking it from Google Assistant, that is not the case when invoking it from Action Blocks.

At their suggestion, I removed the word "routine" and it worked.

Google has been very response and I believe its because I'm working with this disability group






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