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Need Help setting up Nest Hub Max for a Remote Senior

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I'm new to Google having spent most of my time setting up Alexa devices for elderly friends & family in remote locations, so please forgive me if I don't state the problem correctly.

I  am used to setting up Echo Shows for others using their Alexa account with my Wi-Fi Settings.  Then when it arrives at their home they only have to change the Wi-Fi settings... their Alexa account and all the settings I made for them stick

Unless I'm missing something, and I REALLY hope I am,  this is not possible with Nest Hub. 



https://support.google.com/googlenest/answer/7170507?hl=en#:~:text=Change the Wi-Fi network of Google Nest or,up your device on a new network.

The mobile device running Google home must be on the same Wi-Fi as the Nest Hub to forget "my Wi-Fi ". Even if they could do that, and then they need to run setup again which is a MANY step process. So I "forget" the network before sending it

If this works, and sometimes it doesn't... see links above, then a factory reset has even more steps

Is there another way?






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I'd been looking at this for a while...It's not fun for the person setting it up and I'm pretty sure Google is working on this issue.

1. Change your own WiFi to the same as theirs

2. Set up the device

3. Send the device

4. Change your WiFi back

You can also do this with a phone using a hotspot and then use another tablet or phone to set up the Google device. Should work!

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Posted (edited)

Agree... That is the best way... As of today, Google support is telling me Factory Default

I know I had the SSID & Password correct and though the WPA/WPA2 looked correct... but it couldn't see the Wi-Fi when it got there



WPA-WPA2- home.JPG

WPA-WPA2- remote.JPG

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