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How to Make Your Samsung Galaxy Phone Speak Notifications

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Individuals with manual dexterity issues or declining mental abilities have expressed an interest in having their phone speak notifications to them instead manually opening mobile apps to view a notification. It’s much more informative to have spoken words rather than a notification sound and having a visual look at the notification



This is possible using a Samsung Galaxy phone that supports Bixby Routines and SmartThings.  It can read aloud notifications from any supported app; e.g. text messages, SmartThings Notifications, Calendar Events


Steps to implement for SmartThings

Create a SmartThings Automation that has an “IF” part of whatever device trigger you are using

o   Add a “Then” action of “Send notification to members” including your desired text message



Create a Bixby Routine that has the “IF” part determining your location is at home… so that your phone is not always speaking


 Use your home Wi-Fi network name


Use geo location.. Use the “Context” Home, not the “Place” Home (which is based on arrival, not presence )


The “Then” part of the Bixby Routine should be set to read the Notifications aloud… for example

o   Calendar

o   Messages

o   Nest (cameras)

o   Phone

o   Ring(cameras)

o   SmartThings


·Unlocking the phone while at home is a bonus

After completion, be sure that check that the Routine is running… It won’t speak if it not running… double-check your IF conditions are met


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