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My ActionTiles Setup

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Just thought i'd share my ActionTiles setup, only had ActionTiles for 2 days so not sure I'll keep the current setup or change it. I'm using a cheap fire tablet, web browser called Fully Kiosk Browser (google play store) to display the First Screen you see. When the screen times out it goes to a webpage that i setup on a site called DakBoard The DakBoard pics can be set to change every couple of minutes, you can setup fully kiosk browser so that when it sees motion it goes to the main page which i have setup as my ActionTiles page. When it stop's seeing motion it go's back to the Dakboard page. Here are the pics.






The Good Morning button runs a smartthings routine that turns on the coffee pot (wife's got to have her coffee), turns on the kitchen lights, turns on the TV (using harmony hub for that and the Logitech harmony connect smartapp to connect it to smartthings), sets the smartthings smart home monitor to Armed/Home, opens certain blinds in the house, unlock the front door, ect.. Oh and i also have it set to turn off the screen when its dark and turn on the screen when its light. (i got that tip from FrankE, Thanks frank). Oh and i used a program called tasker (google play store) to look for a push notification from stamrtthings app if the smart home monitor is in alarm mode to lock the tablet. It requires a pin code to unlock it after that. This keeps someone that might have entered the house from using the pad to unlock doors, ect...

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