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Over the years I've used Alexa, I have found that the ESP feature seems to be getting worse in that the Echo across the room will respond to my command rather than the one next to me. Although they both hear me, the remote one will respond to command instead of the near one.

HOWEVER, it testing the new Echo Flex devices which I have sprinkled around the home as part of my "pathfinder project", is seems like although the all light up in response to the Wake Word, the closest one actually processes the command… just want I always wanted

I'm interested in the experience of others

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In my experience (based on the echos I have) ranking the microphone sensitivity from best to worst:

echo 2nd gen, studio, dot 2nd gen, dot 3rd gen, echo 3rd gen, plus 2nd gen, fire hd 8 tablet, and dead last is the show 5.

With background noise or music playing the first 2 hear me great, the dots are ok and so is the echo 3rd gen. The plus,  show 5 and tablet are deaf as a doorknob.

Yes, I realize the tablet is a fire device, not an echo and it does not have the far field mics but the show 5 is that bad.

As far as ESP, I think it's related to Amazon reducing the mic sensitivity. I read somewhere that they had too many complaints of false  wakes and are tweaking the sensitivity. I would rather have false wakes than having to yell at a device 6 feet away playing music.

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So I've been heavily testing this lately and I think it's based on orientation more than anything.  See @David said the Echo 2nd Gen was the best, but when I put them up high in my Home Theater setup, they barely respond because I'm not at that level when I speak.

I think that's part of the problem with the show 5 (although I agree, it's not as good).  The Echo Flex is oriented out into the room, always...and so I think it's behaving better.

All this said...and I agree with you @FrankE - It's gotten worse, not better.  They used to be really good at it.

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