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Anyone frustrated by the "swipe to answer" in Android phones?

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As a recent convert from iPhone to Galaxy, I was always thinking it was my fault when I tapped to answer a phone call and it didn't work.. In frustration, I repeatedly stabbed at it until it answered

I didn't know a "swipe" was required until one of my clients with dementia had the same issue. After a bit of research I find this has been an issue for years and that Samsung had a solution under "Accessibility"


Here is the solution that works on these Samsung Galaxy phones; A50, S10, Note10


The update has been getting rid of the option unfortunately, but there is a workaround. Go in to Settings-Accessibility- Interaction and dexterity-Assistant menu toggle to on-Single tap to swipe toggle on. Then go to your home screen, press and hold ln the assistant menu button that will appear on your home screen then swipe it to the top, you'll see a hide button, a circle with an X, dragging the assistant menu up there will hide it.


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