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SmartThings on Samsung TV

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I took the plunge and bought a great Samsung 43" QLED TV... Although there are lots of 4K 43" TVs for less than $499, I wanted Bixby and SmartThings integration. Its really interesting in that the BestBuy stores, even with resident Samsung  personnel can't demo the features... all locked down

Anyway, Bixby DOES have a hands-free mode on the QLED 2019 models and there is a "Smart Hub",  there is NOT a built-in SmartThings Hub... just a software feature. That's fine in my case since I already have a hub, but may confuse some buyers. Bixby is limited in that there are no Bixby Routines, Quick Commands or marketplace.

The SmartThings integration works great. even automatically displays video from motion detection on Ring cameras, but not Nest cameras. It also displays popup notifications for Calendar events. The TV also supports Apple Airplay 2 and Apple TV as well as Chromecast and Smart View as well as the usual Netflix, Prime and Hulu

Smart Hub.JPG

smartThings on TV.JPG

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Hey @FrankE - How does it do the display of cameras automatically?  Like is it on every notification, even while the TV is off...I have SO many questions.

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Hi Brian,

Its a very interesting device and will get better as they keep adding features... first off, the picture quality is excellent!

There is even a mode called ambient, where it just puts up a static picture to act like a framed picture

Here are some pics of the notifications and the popups

When a motion or notification happens, it doesn't go full screen.. you just get a big thumbnail with and OK button to go full screen. It will time out if you don't click it. If you do click it, it won't automatically return to where it was

There are only a few notifications to pick from; smarthings & calendar is what I use

The notification and camera don't dont turn on the TV, but SmartThings can do that and there are several options including speaking a notification (phone only)

If Samsung made an ad,  or Best Buy could demo it, it would really sell



samsung TV popup.jpg

Samsung TV motion detction.jpg

samsung TV Notifications.jpg

samsung TV ST TV options.jpg

samsung TV ST turn on.jpg

Samsung TV camera view.jpg

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