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Samsung Easy Mode

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I'm sure you have run into an older family member who says smartphones are too hard to use.

Here is a feature from Samsung called "Easy Mode" that can help


The best feature is that full-screen "contacts page" that shows their contact's picture and offers an easy way to phone, email or text them


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One of my "clients" (friend of my sister) was not even able to remember how to "swipe right" to get the Easy Mode contacts screen. Even if she could do that, having to chose between phone, email & text when she touched the picture of the contact she wanted to call was confusing

I found a way to way the Samsung phone's home screen have just icons contact pictures and the ability to "direct-dial" using widgets

a.      Set the phone to Easy Mode

b.     Drag all the icons from to the Apps screen (to the right)

                                                              i.      Remove the “Apps icon”

1.     Swipe down from the top and pick settings (gear)

2.     Tap Display and scroll down to Home Screen

3.     Turn off Apps button & App icon badges

4.     Remove all Widgets form the screen

5.     Push Home button

c.      Add contacts to Home Screen in “Direct Dial” mode

                                                              i.      “Pinch screen” to expose Widgets

                                                            ii.      Tap Widgets and then Contacts

                                                          iii.      Tap & HOLD the Direct Dial icon drag it to a location on Home Screen

                                                          iv.      Choose the contact you want to display

                                                            v.      Repeat for the rest of the contacts

This gives the seniors a “flip phone” like screen when first turning it on and yet retains the Easy Mode larger icons and Contacts Screen as well as the original icons on the apps screen

The additional benefits that the Samsung smartphone has over a flip phone is using the Samsung Bixby AI to do Voice First type functions such as:

·       Time & weather information & general information

·       Directions guidance from Google Maps

·       Audio books through audible

Through advanced Bixby capsules such as Senior Time, personalized responses to frequent requests for “The Time” can be given in a context aware-manner such as “Its 4AM, Frank, it’s still time for sleeping”.

 In addition, DIY techniques such as using Bixby Routines to “speak” notifications such as calendar events and reminders can be beneficial as well as using a setting to remove the “Tap & Drag” requirements on phone calls

BTW, a Samsung A50 is a low priced ($250) version of an s10($800) that has all the Bixby features


home screen contracts through Widgets.jpg

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