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AYL Smart Home Video Ideas - The Thread

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Alright Automaters, this was a great idea from @HughD!  Go ahead and leave below what you'd like to see for videos on the channel.  I'm not going to respond to each and every suggestion, but we'll put it on our list of ideas for 2020 and beyond!

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5 hours ago, David said:

I would like to see you resume the smart home tours of others.

I second the return of the home tours. 

I also think it could be valuable for people to see more than just products. So perhaps a series of videos related to WebCore. I know I avoided trying WebCore for a while because it seemed like a more difficult thing than it turned out to be. Other instructional vids could include other simple items like best places to mount sensors, effective uses and configurations using IFTTT, or perhaps something like “if you use this smart device this way it will fail”.  An example of that last item might be the functionality of smart cameras looking thru a glass window. 

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More product (3rd party) reviews of IoT devices

The other routers (For the smart home) that are available will keep you busy. Sorry, that's still on my mind. LOL
Asus, Amplify has two new prosumer/home style offerings among a crapton of others from inexpensive to expensive.
More security/network stuff too. Pfft, security, I'll watch it! LOL (me and a couple dozen at least) 

Anyway, there has to be more to it than thermostats, cameras and smart plugs.

Air quality sensors. uHoo is awesome but a company called Awair makes affordable devices. Include the IFTTT integration for both.
Weather stations
Blinds/Shades. Tilt (MySmartBlinds) iBlinds Ikea, DIY vs companies like Hunter Douglas.
Smart ceiling fans,
 Do we have a robot that can get me a beer yet LOL

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