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Do you monitor your network/internet traffic

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Do you use a fingbox or something similar to monitor your network?
Something I overlooked when switching from Eero to Google.
Eero has a service, for a fee I *might* be getting for free as a Prime customer. (this is not a deal breaker)
I actually used it once, a hazard of apartment living is someone trying to get free internet.
Eero notified me of a new connection to my network . I had the option of approving it or blocking it. I checked it out and it was a phone I did not recognize so I blocked it.

I have my new Nest router but don't have the cable I want to relocate it. 
I hope nest included a monitoring service but I don't remember seeing it as a feacher.
Next would be something like a fingbox or the free (it's for me) download. Sharkwire? IDK.

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I use my internet service providers box (my electric service provider has gigabit fiber now) and it has built into it a option to enable wifi monitoring so any device that tries to access the router via wifi after its turned on is reported via e-mail to me. It has several options to allow the connections without approval, don't allow at all, allow if i give it permission to do so. I really like there router as it has wifi 6, beam forming tech and tri-band wifi. Also has mesh wifi for full coverage of the house.

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You got a good one Larry!  Our ISP up here gave me a joke of a router and I instantly turned it into a dummy and brought in my Asus.  Matt, I feel like you'd be pretty protected...and anyone who's trying to get free internet likely won't have the resources to hack through your Nest's security.  Not that it's super hard...just I can't imagine many people being so motivated and capable of getting through security like that needing to save the money....you know?


Having said that...it happened to you once...Wireshark allows you to track and trace packets.  It's more meant as troubleshooting than it is for identifying new devices.

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I would love to have a firewall box with two RJ45 ports which I would place between my own WiFi Access Point and my ISP box.    I'm sure there are Linux distro's that are designed for such and you could use one of those $70 small computers.  Then I'd do things like the following:     Hmm, no wait, that capability would have to be put in place in the WiFi Access Point as the network traffic between the WAP and the ISP box is already aggregated so I couldn't isolate domains to devices.

I'd like to see what URLs my various devices visit.    For example, if I had any IP cameras, which I don't, I'd like to know if they are sending any traffic out of my LAN.    Is my WiFi wall switch doing anything funky?    Yes, I realize it doesn't have much of a CPU but it does have one.

When I get a home automation hub what domains is it passing traffic to?

On a regular basis I look at the devices that are DHCP clients of my WAP using the app on my iPhone.    So far no surprises.     I did do the KRACK update on my WiFi Access Point a while back.

I also tend to trust that lots of security researchers are monitoring the traffic between my Google Home Mini's and Google to see if there is anything unusual.  Such as audio being uploaded when the Home Mini is not supposed to be listening.   I have the Home Mini's set to beep when they start and stop listening.

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