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Google WiFi Mesh lost some devices, Anyone else had this issue?

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I had an issue today where all my Wyze devices were lost. No connection. I tried connecting each one again; Wyze told me that it could not connect to the WiFi (even though all the WiFi settings were in the system).

I checked other devices; I couldn't reach certain WiFi bulbs and plugs either.

I did a check on the Google WiFi app to see what devices were connected; mostly the personal devices (phones), tablets etc. But no WiFi plug, bulbs. It was odd. I thought it was a Wyze issue because I have experienced losing a camera or wyze sense a few times.

I had a family member in the house that also had Google WiFi issues today too. He did what we're all told to do; reboot it.

So, while placing a call into the Google WiFi support line, I rebooted the WiFi points. It found the devices, and we were all good. It was kind of scary because I had lots of devices that needed that WiFi connection.

Google WiFi support was really good. They get a support code from your Google WiFi app and figure out what's going on in your WiFi point. They didn't notice anything wrong, but they did ask a really good question: Did I have another router that was connected to any other devices. I did not; but I know that at sometime before I did. It's a security issue, and having another router could cause some interference.

Anyway, thought I should share, because I have had no issues with the Google WiFi Mesh; and it seems that the issue could be explained with possible updates happening; interference, or security. Have you experienced any issues with your Google WiFi or other WiFi router?

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