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Mounting Fire Tablets to replace light switches

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Thought some of you may want to know about a project that combines wall mounting a tablet and replacing a dumb wall switch with the tablet. Sounds dumb I know but actually isn't.

Ok I had entry wall switches i wanted to replace with smart switches but i also wanted a display so i could see the outside camera on the other side of the entry door and control my locks, blinds, lights, ect.. I know I could use my fire tablet to do this but i didn't want any wires coming from the wall plug to the tablet showing. So I had an idea what i wanted so started surfing the web looking for a way to do what i wanted. Found this site https://www.etsy.com/listing/676472925/amazon-fire-hd-8-tablet-wall-mount-7th?ref=pla_similar_listing_top-2&frs=1

I ordered the mount with the 120VAC to 5VDC integrated charging option. I removed both dumb switches and installed the mount over the hole that the switches came out of and installed the converter. Then replaced the old bulbs with Cree smart bulbs. The resulting install leaves no wires exposed and looks professionally done. With Fully Kiosk Browser and Action Tiles installed on the fire tablet i can control the lights that i removed and all of my other devices i need to control, plus see the camera. The fully browser allows the tablet to detect motion via the camera and show the action tiles when someone walks up to it.

Check out the site if you want to see how this is done has several pictures of the product and shows how to install it. If you order it make sure to select the 120/240V AC charging option.

Any questions about how i did this just leave them here.

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This is exactly what I’m looking to do. Thank you for the info! I hope you’re enjoying it. I’m trying to decide if I wanna do landscape or portrait mount to replace single switches around the house. Any thoughts on orientation preference?

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Great idea if you like smart bulbs. I still prefer incandescents thus I have gone to smart dimmers everywhere.

Now that amazon has installed the device dashboard, similar to action tiles I think, I am thinking of hanging a couple on the wall. I would still need to tap the power so the tablet would need to be mounted close to a switch.

Considering how slow and clunky the smart home controls are on the shows and the alexa app is no road runner, I am very impressed on how fast the new dashboard is. Even on older fire tablets.

Now if you could just pin entire groups to the dashboard instead of wasting a tile on lights and a tile for switches and a tile for plugs for each room.

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