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Samrtthings - Rako Lighting - IFTTT

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I have been into Automation since I was a Kid, I am now 57 years old, I first dabbled with Din Plugs and had a Multi Room Audio (my bedroom and my little brothers connected to my portable tape recorder) and I also had automated curtains (string attached to pulley's from across the room).

Fast forward to this decade, I installed Rako lighting into my home a few years back, the cost to install was about the same as re-wiring. The Rako works over the internet and I could set basic on/off timers which was great for a security point of view. Recently Rako has produced a Cloud Gateway (https://rakocontrols.com/media/1487/cloud-gateway-quick-start-guide.pdf & https://rakocontrols.com/cloud-gateway/) and it is currently working on IFTTT integration. So it now looks like I can fully immerse myself into Home Automation...... I think?

Has anyone here either come across or had dealings with Rako and if so have you heard or read anything that may point me into the right direction, I would like to know if it would/should be possible to implement my system into the Samsung smartthings platform even if it is only via IFTTT?

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If it goes through IFTTT, then you're for sure able to through that service...but right now it's just promises.  In IoT these days Richard...promises aren't worth a ton.

I think the other option is maybe Alexa.  Now, it's a skill integration so you'll want to talk to them and see if you can include your lighting in routines once integrated with Alexa@FrankE is a master at using Virtual Switches set in Alexa to trigger automation elsewhere, or vice-versa.

So it'd go like this -> SmartThings Virtual Switch -> Alexa -> Rako Bridge -> Lights

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