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Alan's Projects - Garage - Status Lights

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Hi Everyone,

Planning ahead for automating different parts of the house; Getting into it now. Dreaming about what could really help. Started thinking about the garage; One simple thing to work on right now is the lights.

Scenario: Me or family member drives up to garage and sees lights on; if the light is red - it means danger, Green means someone is in the garage (like me working in the garage on a ladder.... hoping my wife won't open the door on me and knock me over.... it almost happened :).... I digress - lets just stick with RED = danger. Danger means alarm is going off, or Carbon Monoxide levels are high - don't go in.

Objective: Change light color for indication if something is wrong in the garage.

Query to Community: What would you do? What devices would you use? Would you use a Wyze cam to pick up the sound? What CO detector would you use? Would this be of value to you?

I'm just hoping we can find some great ways to do simple things together.

Thank you for your help,


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