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70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro

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Hi Everyone,

Had the opportunity to try out the 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro http://automatelife.net/70mai-smart-dash-cam-pro/

I think the camera has a tons of features to make use of. However, I think some of these features are also works in progress. When this team perfects these features, I think it could be a camera worth competing against the big names.

Some of the things worth mentioning to the 70mai team are:

- Voice Command: You can actually ask the dash cam to 'take photo' and click - you're camera will say "taking photo". Done. Or you can say take video - and it will start recording emergency video. It didn't always follow the commands to take photo or video though.

- Large help tutorial on 70mai App: The 70mai app has all the step by step actions you need to take in order to get where you're going.

- ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) - If you're vehicle does not come with Lane Departure [LDWS] or On-coming vehicle observations [FVDW], this camera fills the void. It takes some adjusting, but once calibrated, the features start working:

  • Front Collision Warning System [FCWS] : will continually state "Beware of Vehicle Ahead" when coming within 2 vehicle lengths of the vehicle ahead of you
  • Front Vehicle Departure Warning [FVDW]: It will notify you when the car ahead of you moves - this is useful when in a traffic jam and you're looking the other way when the traffic gets moving. Or when at a red light and you are not paying attention 🙂
  • Lane Departure Warning System [LDWS]: for moments during the drive, when moving slowly across the lane, it will continually notify you, however, it will not always catch that you're crossing a lane. Something that's a work in progress for the 70mai cam.
  • UPDATE August 2019-08-16: Just turned off ADAS - maybe too many notifications? Could use an indicator sound or vibration maybe?

- Wifi Hotspot : Now this is where I struggled with this camera. You can access the settings from camera; and it's quite easy to use. However, in order to upgrade the settings or use the app (which is even handier), you'll need to 1) enable the Wifi Hotspot on the camera; 2) connect to the wifi hotspot on your phone,  3) make sure the connection is there. Meaning that you're phone is not competing with other wifi connections, 4) change the settings in the app. The app is pretty neat; it enables you to change all the settings on the camera, however, if you're only connected to the 70mai hotspot, you're not going to be able to use other apps at the same time, like android auto, or echo drive, because its going to the 70mai app for your internet connection. So, the team at 70mai may (no pun) need to work on this.

- Nice quality build and mounting: The 70mai dash cam comes with the option to use USB or the 12V adapter for your vehicle. Both work fine. The camera is actually pretty nice and the GPS component slides in quite nice like a Nikon DSLR does with it's batteries. The camera also comes with a plastic window mount, so that you can move the camera later without damaging your window. Its nice when they try to think of everything. Now it's a matter of perfecting their craft.

- GPS: I did not notice any GPS recordings yet, but there is a GPS module that is used for the ADAS. Maybe if they can create a google map that records where you're going; the value could be huge!




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Added article link and updated experience on ADAS
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Yes, the voice commands are good;

Its not consistent (maybe because of background noise, etc), but it's pretty neat to say 'take picture' or 'record video' .

They also claim that the camera responds  to 'turn off screen' or 'turn on screen' but I didn't use those commands.

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