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Want Alexa on your watch?

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I had been looking for a way to get Alexa on my watch and found this neat "Talk to Alexa:" app in the Galaxy apps store under Watch- Utilities

Since I focus on Elderly Use Cases, I tried out this scenario...


If your loved one wears a Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch, here is a way they can send you a predefined text message, typically asking you to call them.

This is NOT an emergency response system, just a means of staying in touch, if they have difficulty texting or tend to call you at inappropriate times



Here are the main components


·        Galaxy Smart Watch

·        A Talk to Alexa” app ($1.99)

o   Galaxy Store- Watch- Utilities-

·        Amazon Alexa account under their name (free)

·        IFTTT account under their name (free)  https://ifttt.com/discover

·        Samsung SmartThings account https://ifttt.com/discover

o   Add Mobile CLASSIC account



Here is the setup


·        Configure all the above accounts

·        In SmartThings Classic Mobile account

o   Automation- SmartApps- Add a SmartApp- +More- Virtual Device Creator

o   Virtual Switch

o   Enter Device name- your choice… e.g. Text Sonny

o   Save


o   Which Switches- add your switch

·        In IFTTT

o   Create applet

§  IF => SmartThings use your switch

§  THEN => Android SMS  (if using an iPhone, you will need a paid service e.g. ClickSend)

§  Create your message

·        In Alexa app

o   Create a Routine

§  When This happens => Create a phrase… don’t use the words “Call, Text, Contact” (Alexa uses them)

§  Action => Smart Home- Control Device- your switch

§  Action => add a spoke confirmation message

§  Action => turn OFF your switch  (IFTTT requires a transition from off to on)



the video was too big to attach here, so I put it on YouTube





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That's really cool frank. Just thought i'd add another way to do this as well, it also requires IFTTT. Its called Triggers, its on the google play store. It explains in there install instructions on how to set it up. Works with most android watches it says. I've used it with my gallaxy watch to send my wife I'm on my way messages and to turn things on and off in smartthings and trigger webcore pistons when i needed to.


Here is a video that shows how it works


He says search for maker in IFTTT its called webhooks now.

Edited by Larry Underwood

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Hi Larry,

Thanks... I'm always looking for new tools... 

What's funny is I that I had st installed "Triggers" on the watch as I was looking for the Alexa app, but didn't have a chance  to try it yet.

Here is another one on my Google Assistant on the watch, that I haven't had time to try either

I just got a chance to install the Google Assistant on my Galaxy watch and it does work. The process is a bit long, but well documented



Edited by FrankE
tested Google Assistant on watch

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Verbal reminders on your Galaxy watch. These can be set remotely and used in conjunction with other Alexa reminders such an Echo device speaking and a medication reminder light

These are useful for those wishing to live independently, but needing daily reminders 


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