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Struggling with creating automations around Homeseer light sensor and SmartThings

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Hi folks!  I just installed the Homeseer HS-FS100+ flex sensor (using it for light) for my dehumidifier.  I added the custom device handler from Homeseer, and within the "old" SmartThings app, I see the device and it detects light as expected.  The problem I'm having is how to create an automation around it.  I have both the new and old app, but I can't seem to find something in either app that I can use to notify me based on it detecting light.  The new app doesn't even see the light portion, only battery and temperature.  In the old app, if I look at the sensor itself, it shows light when detected, etc. but I cannot find an automation that would give me essentially "If light detected, notify me".  I also looked at IFTTT and under SmartThings, there's no topic where I can choose this sensor.  I could really use some help here.  Please let me know if I can answer anything I didn't mention.  Thanks everyone!

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Alright, so I figured it out.

Be sure to use this device handler, as otherwise the "button" sensor may not be available, and that's the important bit:


The documentation that was vital was this, which allowed me to create events based on a button push, and knowing which button corresponded to which sensor state:


Option 1: (what I used) Use WebCore to trigger based on pushing button 2 (Light On):


Option 2: You can use SmartThings, and their generic "Notify me when" via the classic app.  Be aware this triggers on all buttons, including button 1 (no light).  I didn't love this because I'd get a notification after I emptied it.

How to set up notifications with Notify Me When
  • Tap Marketplace.
  • Tap SmartApps.
  • Tap Safety & Security.
  • Tap Notify Me When.
  • Select one or more triggers from the following:
  • Select the devices for which you want to be notified.
  • Tap Done.

I hope this helps!  Enjoy!

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That is a pretty nice device for smartthings I've been wanting to create a automation for my washing machine to know when its done. This just might do that although the lights on my washing machine are very close together. How far apart does the lights have to be before it can tell the difference? Do you know? Was planning on having alexa tell me when its done via the echo speaks smart app

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As I was reading this this morning, I thought...might be the device handler.  Seemed like something wasn’t lining up that way.  Glad to hear it was that simple!

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