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5 Practical Uses for the Switchbot

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Couple things, 

1. I have the switch bot open my garage when I arrive home, well actually, It actually closes the garage door when we arrive home... Haha it works but it's so slow that we manually open and about 15 seconds later it"opens" well actually closes. it's still nice that we always ensure the garage door is closed but it is kind of sad that it is closing instead of opening because we've already opened the door and into the garage by the time it activates. Any ideas on how to potentially speed up the automation then it's through smart things

2. It talks about the switch about working for a rocker arm (attached picture) but I don't really see images of how that is set up. Do you have any images of how to set this up?


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I have them for multiple uses too!

I put one on my PC to start it. It's kind of hard to reach. So I can tell Google to do it.

in my apartment I used one on an automatic door's remote and on an intercom button to open the downstairs, door.

I have three or four of them. They work great!


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