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  1. I was working on a solution for someone who is hard of hearing and was missing their Ring doorbell announcements. So, I thought, a piece of cake... I can flash any bulb or smart plug using webCoRE using SmartThings to see the Ring doorbell push. BUT, this was not going to be at my home and the installation should be made simple, and if possible, remotely managed ------------------------ Well I soon found out that although Alexa Routines and SmartThings Automations could detect the Ring doorbell press, they couldn't flash a light... other than the 5 second "wait" delay offered by Alexa Routines So, IFTTT to the rescue! It can detect the Ring doorbell press and also can cause a Lifx bulb to flash a fixed number of times. I think Philips Hue can also do this, but that requires a hub Surprisingly, Alexa Routines and SmartThings Automations using the same bulb doesn't show a "flash" option into their actions Anyone have any other simple solutions? I was reminded of those old bulb flasher screw-in adapters they made in the 60's https://youtu.be/xBJDceRH4rQ
  2. Hi all. If you haven't already seen it, Brian and team posted a video titled "Smart Home Project Ideas With Automaters!" which I'd highly recommend. My contribution was how to automate dehumidifiers in my basement using the following: SmartThings v3.0 hub HomeSeer HS-FS100-L - Z-Wave Indicator Light Sensor Kasa (TP-Link) - HS-110 - Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Energy Monitoring SwitchBot Meter (Thermometer and Hygrometer) Switchbot Mini (to connect to WIFI) Webcore installed and configured Now, bear in mind this is how I accomplished this. By all means, feel free to substitute or otherwise customize as you see fit. I liked the smart plugs because they integrated into SmartThings and also have energy monitoring. However, the HomeSeer sensor was the only thing I could find to fill that purpose. There is no one "right way" this is only "my way". With the included light sensor, which you plug into the side, it will (not surprisingly!) monitor light. On my particular dehumidifier, it will blink when full (or when the bucket is removed). The overview of the automation has two parts, Part 1 handles the on/off based on humidity, Part 2 notifies when the dehumidifier is full. You may be asking "Why not just use the dehumidifier's built in humidity sensor?" I've personally found the models I have to be less than accurate. Also, this is nice for folks with older units who may not have that functionality. I'm positive you could put these into a single automation, but that's not what I did. I left them separate, not only because I considered them so, but for troubleshooting ease. Enjoy and please comment if you have any questions, or comments! Thanks for reading! Part 1 - Turning the dehumidifier on or off based on humidity level This section has two automations, and on this part we're only using the Smart Plug and the Hygrometer. All this is done within the SmartThings app itself. I recommend to have the notify setup, at least in the early stages of you implementing this, so you can confirm that it's working. Of course, adjust your percentages based on your own needs. For us, I believe we're going to bump these up a bit, because it doesn't seem to regularly get under 40% (usually stays in the 40-45% range) however my wife doesn't report any smell, so it may be possible to adjust to save power here. You should undergo a similar testing phase for yourself. If humidity equal to, or greater than 50% -> then turn on dehumidifier and notify. If humidify equal to, or less than 40% -> then turn off dehumidifier and notify. Here's what one that looks like in the (new) SmartThings app to turn off. Use it as a guide to create another automation to turn the dehumidifier on. Part 2 - Notifying when the dehumidifier is full This section involves the HomeSeer sensor. You'll need a custom device handler (https://community.smartthings.com/t/release-homeseer-flex-sensor/157045) and you are automating around whether certain buttons are pushed. It can be a little confusing at first, because we aren't talking about physical buttons, but virtual ones - this is how the sensor notifies based on light levels. I personally have my HomeSeer powered by USB, but battery power is absolutely an option and doesn't change the automation at all. I just plugged in the USB wire to the same outlet my dehumidifier is in, since I had that available. If you have (or purchase) an outlet that has separate USB A outlets in them, or a separate plug (the HomeSeer doesn't come with one, just the USB wire) just be sure they meet the power requirements of the HomeSeer to avoid damage. Within the settings of the HomeSeer device within SmartThings, these are my settings. I disabled the buzzer, since I'm using automation, and I did set the Light Detection Delay to 1 second for my dehumidifier (to detect blinking). You may have to change this, based on your dehumidifier. Maybe your light just stays on when full, so you can set that to zero seconds. Notice at the bottom of this screen shot, it speaks about the button push events (mentioned above). I was only interested in Button 1 and 2. Maybe you have something you can automate based on color change? Below is the Webcore portion. When the HomeSeer detects the bucket is full, it will push button 2 (light detected). When the bucket it empty, it will push button 1 (light not detected). I have this set to only notify every 5 minutes while button 2 is pushed, and stop once button 1 is pushed.
  3. I'm looking for a way to remotely monitor the temperature of water flowing through a shower head to help prevent scalding of elders in the shower. The water temp sensors I have seen are for only local display of the temp https://youtu.be/9xdAWZMGMCU I checked the SmartThings community, but haven't found anything
  4. I was hoping to use a SmartThings multi-purpose sensor in place of my Wyze contact sensor for use with an external contact closure sensor (chair mat) as the battery in the Wyze doesn't last very long. https://community.automatelife.net/topic/594-using-wyze-magnetic-sensor-with-a-chair-mat/?tab=comments#comment-3093 However, instead of a "reed switch" like the Wyze uses, it appears that the SmartThings uses a hall-effect sensor... šŸ˜ž Here are some pictures for your enjoyment I'll probably just add a couple of AA batteries in a holder externally to my Wyze sensor '
  5. The GE Enbrighten ZWave Smart Motion Switch provides exactly what I am looking for with emotion sensor and a smart light switch in one that connects to smartthings ... But I'm having trouble finding any comparisons or any other brands that offer similar whether it's Wi-Fi or smart things enabled. Can you suggest a similar product for comparison? I'm sure this is not the only option even though it seems like a really good option. This type of smart switch would be great for lots of people to save money
  6. Samsung have announced that they'll be retrofitting the Galaxy S3 & Gear Sport with the Bixby voice assistant replacing S Voice, as an S3 Frontier owner I'm really happy about this as it will give me smarthome control on my wrist šŸ‘ https://www.sammobile.com/news/bixby-to-gear-s3-gear-sport
  7. If anyone has considered using adding a second hub on their SmartThings account for use in their parent's home, I have found one limitation... IFTTT The second hub in that home works fine, and you can remotely manage it, but both hubs can't do IFTTT https://community.smartthings.com/t/faq-ifttt-not-recognizing-devices-from-second-hub/119773 As as Feb 2020, I have found this to still be the case
  8. I receive this notice of a GUI for this, but it doesn't look very user friendly or have many capabilities https://smartthings.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=fc865295de6f052023cd22d39&id=2860679f66&e=9cd3e19c37
  9. Hi guys, I recently ordered a Switchbot Mini hub with two Switchbots. In the meantime while I'm waiting for the parcel to arrive I would like to ask you guys about my use cases I have and if those are doable. My use case: is to attach the Switchbot onto my Marantz Receiver and when the home is in "Away mode" in Smartthings the Switchbot will trigger the standby button on the receiver and vice versa when to home is in "Home mode". Will the Switchbot show up in Smartthings as a switch that can be put in to a Scene? Regarding the Switchbot Mini Hub ir-blaster , will the Switchbot mini hub remote capability be integrated into Smartthings and Google Home Assistant? My next use case: Have The Switchbot Mini IR-blaster turn on and off the TV with the above mentioned "Away/Home" mode. (Now that I think of it while I'm typing the Switchbot ir-blaster should be able to set my Receiver into standby mode with ir-signal instead of my having to attach the physical Switchbot to the Receiver and have that switch put the Receiver into standby mode) My last use case: Have the Switchbot Mini ir-blaster change the input selector on my Receiver from the HTPC input to the Chromecast input by Google Home voice. When I say "Turn on Bedroom PC" the Switchbot ir-blaster will send the command to the Receiver to active the HTPC input. The same goes for where I have connected my Chromecast Ultra. Will the Switchbot solve my use cases? Have a great weekend! //Peter
  10. Although my SmartThings Automation can "see" the SmartThings Wi-Fi plug and accepts it as a trigger type, the Automation won't actually trigger from a change in the On or Off state of the plug. Anyone else seen this? I had no problems with the SmartThings zigbee plug
  11. I have some interesting news about SmartThings, WebCore and Sharptools. I have had this fear that SmartThings was going to make it more difficult to use WebCore but instead they are going to actually support and PROMOTE it at SDC19 !! https://www.samsungdeveloperconference.com/?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=outreachkit&utm_campaign=sdp2019&utm_term=smartthings They are unveiling their new API and actually offering a lab using WebCore... no mention of ActionTiles... I'll be attending and let you know what I find out
  12. Hi All, new here. Just looking for some advice for a zigbee smart light strip that will work with smartthings.
  13. Hi all, Is it possible to use Smartthings in this way... Using an automation (or similar) is it possible to set a light colour (say red) based on motion being sensed on a motion detector, keep it that colour for a period of time (say 10 seconds) and then revert that light back to what it was previously. Obviously the "previously" is an unknown variable that could have been any colour, any brightness etc not necessarily something preset from a scene or similar. So I may have just asked Google (linked) to set the colour to green, and then motion sets it red for 10 seconds, and then it sets it back to green. Hope that makes sense, still very new to automation but have experience with programming etc so happy to try advanced things. Many many thanks, Nigel šŸ˜„
  14. I I have SmartThings and hue light bulbs. They are both connected to my Google home app. So, now the hue light bulbs and other connected brands are showing up twice in the Google home app. If I delete the smartthings copy, it shows back up because I have not de-linking smartthings? I can remove the hue linked copy, but I'm worried then when I ask Google to turn off a hue light bulb, it has to go through the smartthing, then the hue app and then back to Google. I don't want Google to tell me I have X amount of things not set up because it's not in a room. I also don't want double copies in a room in my Google home app. How have you guys resolved this situation to your satisfaction?
  15. I have invited my wife as a member of the SmartThings app and our home. One of the features of automations is member location. The issue that I'm having is when I click on who I am the only option. When I check on who is a member of our household sure enough she is a member. She actually has a Samsung Galaxy s9 I have a Google Pixel3. I went into her app and made sure everything was enabled or approved or allowed but it still does not show up as an option. Has anyone else experienced this issue or know how to resolve this issue?
  16. I've been running into an issue with the new SmartThings Wi-Fi plug and webCoRE. I set it up with the new SmartThings Mobile app and it works fine... even with Alexa But when I try to add it to webCoRE as an actuator under with the Classic or new mobile app in SmartApps is doesn't appear as an option Has anyone else seen this? update... I just figured out you need to add it as a switch vs an actuator... not sure why
  17. Just gunna come out & say it I WANT ONE!! @FrankE this could be amazing for seniors
  18. Looks like the smarthome is coming to the car finally šŸ˜ https://www.engadget.com/2020/01/09/samsung-smartthings-smartcar-app/ Anyone who saw my smart home video (17mins 50secs) with Brian will know just how much I want this sort of integration!
  19. I took the plunge and bought a great Samsung 43" QLED TV... Although there are lots of 4K 43" TVs for less than $499, I wanted Bixby and SmartThings integration. Its really interesting in that the BestBuy stores, even with resident Samsung personnel can't demo the features... all locked down Anyway, Bixby DOES have a hands-free mode on the QLED 2019 models and there is a "Smart Hub", there is NOT a built-in SmartThings Hub... just a software feature. That's fine in my case since I already have a hub, but may confuse some buyers. Bixby is limited in that there are no Bixby Routines, Quick Commands or marketplace. The SmartThings integration works great. even automatically displays video from motion detection on Ring cameras, but not Nest cameras. It also displays popup notifications for Calendar events. The TV also supports Apple Airplay 2 and Apple TV as well as Chromecast and Smart View as well as the usual Netflix, Prime and Hulu
  20. I'm wondering how to monitor temps in a couple of Freezers for a buddy. Has anyone ever used "Homeseer HS-FS100-W ZWave Flex Sensor"? They have a long probe, have the ability to add an extension cord. Plus they have an add-on, to a USB type cable into a AC plug (therefore no batteries). The extra Plug feature also acts as a repeater for Z-wave. I know I would need to use a "Homeseer handler" in SmartThings, but I've done this before with Homeseer motion detector. My buddy is a beef farmer, and has couple of commercial Freezers that he is always worried about. So I'm suggesting SmartThings Hub v3 and a couple of these temp probes. He also mentioned later a couple water detectors, and room temp probes which are all easy in SmartThings. Plus his wife loves our Z-wave light switches. šŸ˜€. He/she are not very techy, so this seems like a good simple solution. Let me know your thoughts. Bruce
  21. The Verge is reporting that the Bixby smart home control available on the newest Galaxy Watch Active 2 is being made available on more of the Galaxy Watch range (older versions). Could make home control 'on the go' more of an option https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2019/11/19/20972100/samsung-galaxy-watch-active-2-update-bixby-health-customization-ux-options
  22. Its my understanding that SmartThings does not allow multiple hubs on an account at a single location, but supports multiple hubs on an account IF they are separate locations, e.g. a vacation home Is it possible to add a second hub at first location, before deploying it to the second location? edit... In my testing of this, I'll able to configure the 2nd hub and add all the devices at the first location. It seems to work find in the SmartThings IDE and SmartThings mobile app allowing me to select which hub I want to work on. But, it looks like I need a separate webCoRE account for each location (hub)ā€¦ is that correct?
  23. Has anybody used the Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock, I would like to get rid of keys for the front of my house but have two doors to go through and looking at this as an option for one of them, you can fit a Z-Wave module so it will connect to Samsung SmartThings. As this is my second lock to the house I can try it for reliability but at Ā£200 I'm hovering over the buy it or bin it any thoughts or alternatives would be great.
  24. I have been testing the SmartThings Vision camera as a potential device for detecting a person sitting in a couch too long http://Samsung SmartThings Vision https://www.samsung.com/au/mobile-iot/smartthings-vision-u999/ While it does a great job of person detection, it works best with a full body view. At SDC19 the SmartThings representative said they count on 60% of the body. In my testing, the camera is not very good at detecting stationary persons, exhibiting the same characteristics as normal PIR motion sensors in that they are tuned to detect motion. In fact, my testing with combination PIR/RF sensors had the same characteristics. Here is a sample video https://youtu.be/EGd1hzdAFY8 Note that it does very well when Iā€™m standing, fair when Iā€™m sitting, as long as I kept moving, poor when Iā€™m stationary
  25. I put WIFI light switches into my house before I understood zigbee and z-wave, as I didn't want to add more hubs. Since then I have added a smartthings hub to my home and wanted to have a motion sensor turn on my laundry room lights (I have a few Phillips hue lights hooked up that way and love them). This light is a built in LED fixture so a light bulb isn't a solution. Right now I have the motion sensor working through IFTTT to talk to KASA(tp-link) but it takes too long to turn on. Is there another option I'm missing or do I need to change out the switch (or go old school and just hit the switch)? If I'm changing out the switch is there a switch that you would recommend?
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