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  1. Its my understanding that SmartThings does not allow multiple hubs on an account at a single location, but supports multiple hubs on an account IF they are separate locations, e.g. a vacation home Is it possible to add a second hub at first location, before deploying it to the second location? edit... In my testing of this, I'll able to configure the 2nd hub and add all the devices at the first location. It seems to work find in the SmartThings IDE and SmartThings mobile app allowing me to select which hub I want to work on. But, it looks like I need a separate webCoRE account for each location (hub)… is that correct?
  2. I have been testing the SmartThings Vision camera as a potential device for detecting a person sitting in a couch too long http://Samsung SmartThings Vision https://www.samsung.com/au/mobile-iot/smartthings-vision-u999/ While it does a great job of person detection, it works best with a full body view. At SDC19 the SmartThings representative said they count on 60% of the body. In my testing, the camera is not very good at detecting stationary persons, exhibiting the same characteristics as normal PIR motion sensors in that they are tuned to detect motion. In fact, my testing with combination PIR/RF sensors had the same characteristics. Here is a sample video https://youtu.be/EGd1hzdAFY8 Note that it does very well when I’m standing, fair when I’m sitting, as long as I kept moving, poor when I’m stationary
  3. I put WIFI light switches into my house before I understood zigbee and z-wave, as I didn't want to add more hubs. Since then I have added a smartthings hub to my home and wanted to have a motion sensor turn on my laundry room lights (I have a few Phillips hue lights hooked up that way and love them). This light is a built in LED fixture so a light bulb isn't a solution. Right now I have the motion sensor working through IFTTT to talk to KASA(tp-link) but it takes too long to turn on. Is there another option I'm missing or do I need to change out the switch (or go old school and just hit the switch)? If I'm changing out the switch is there a switch that you would recommend?
  4. I have some interesting news about SmartThings, WebCore and Sharptools. I have had this fear that SmartThings was going to make it more difficult to use WebCore but instead they are going to actually support and PROMOTE it at SDC19 !! https://www.samsungdeveloperconference.com/?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=outreachkit&utm_campaign=sdp2019&utm_term=smartthings They are unveiling their new API and actually offering a lab using WebCore... no mention of ActionTiles... I'll be attending and let you know what I find out
  5. Here is a project I have been refining for a while and will finally get to deploy it to a person in Arizona this January. She is totally blind and very forgetful and the path from her couch to the bathroom is quite involved. Here are a couple of videos where I've staged it in my house: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYsY-BOeZsA&t=2s This solution uses Alexa for the nice big Echo Buttons and reasonably priced speakers (Echo Dot) along with Samsung SmartThings Webcore providing the logic and SmartThings motion sensors paired with the SmartThings Hub
  6. Samsung has described voice control through Bixby for SmartThings, e.g. turn off devices, but NOT a way for SmartThings to talk back to Bixby. In looking for a way to do this, I used my previously described "Announcer Bixby Routine" which continuously loops and speaks any notifications received by the phone. Then using SmartThings Automations, I was able to not only turn a reminder light at a specific time, respond to a button push to turn off the light, but also post a Notification to the Senior that gets spoken on the phone through the Bixby Routine. Now we have two-way communication Bixby <-> SmartThings Here is the YouTube video
  7. 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  8. I have used the Automations feature in SmartThings mobile app for many purposes but have recently run into an issue where I'm trying to use a SmartThings button as a trigger for a SmartThings outlet. What I find is that about 1/2 the time the button isn't detected and the other 1/2 the outlet isn't switched!! In my prior automations I was always using virtual switch inputs set by Alexa. What I'm thinking is that the ST switch input is too short (even when I use the HELD mode) to be used as a trigger. I suspect the automation is expecting a "level" verses a trigger BTW, the same switch and outlet work flawlessly in WebCore...
  9. While I was away on holidays my TP-link devices stopped communicating with smartthings. When I got home I tried to get them to work and couldn't so I re-logged in to Kasa (TP-link) through smartthings. I was able to add the switches and plug back into smartthings but needed to delete the old plugs/switches. In doing this, I lost all of the automations that included these devices and had to delete and re-add all of them to my actiontiles panels. Was there an easier way to get them working in smartthings and actiontiles? Has anyone else had issues with devices losing connectivity with smartthings?
  10. Looking for recommendations for plugs that can integrate with smartthings. Would prefer zigbee or z-wave protocols. I want to attach it to my in-wall air conditioner, as I've had too many problems with my wifi wemo one. Would want it to be a minimum 15 amps at 120 volts as my air conditioner maxes out around 1440 watts. I've also tried the smartthings plug but it doesn't like the wattage and shuts itself off even though it matches the specs I want (no major spikes in watts when turned on and off). I've written a very nice script in webcore for it and it works great when the wemo plug isn't causing issues. Please give me your input so I can stop wasting my time with plugs that aren't reliable!
  11. Thought this would be a good please to put a link for a smartapp called ST Community Installer http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=Community_Installer_(Free_Marketplace) This is a smartapp that installs other smartapps 😀 Yep you heard that right a smartapp to install other smartapps. I hear everyone saying WHY??? Will as some of you may already know some smartapps can be hard to install as there are several steps (in some case as many as 15) to get the smartapp installed. And if you miss a step or do it incorrectly then it will not work and you have to delete it and start all over again. Once you get this installed correctly and use it to install the other smartapps all those steps get done automatically and in the right order. What smartapps can you install with this? Below is a list of some of the more useful smartapps that this can install and a brief description of each. webCoRE -- This is an advanced web-based rule engine that works on top of Samsung SmartThing's automation platform and delivers complex automation scenarios that users can program. Echo Speaks -- Echo Speaks is a utilitarian smartapp and device handler that allows you to discover, select, and use the Amazon Alexa Devices directly in your Smart Home Environment. It will give you the ability to wake your Alexa devices remotely to speak any text that you wish for almost any given scenario. You will need webCoRE to use this. Ask Alexa -- Ask Alexa is an add-in to the SmartThings mobile application that allows you to control a broad array of devices with your Amazon Alexa Enabled Devices. When installed along with the proper services at AWS (Amazon Web Services), a simple voice command allows you to control your devices along with querying their status. Simply "Ask" Alexa to do something within your SmartThings environment and she will respond! NST Manager -- The SmartApps and Device Handlers work together to provide integration to the SmartThings ecosystem using Nest's Official API. These also include automation's that allow enabling different features. And many more. Hope everyone finds this information useful. If you have any questions or comments please leave them here.
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