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Found 3 results

  1. I have always turned off all the Notifications on my Fire TV, but just had a request for a way to show a bedtime reminder on a client's Fire TV while they are watching TV. Its actually pretty easy. On Fire TV: Enable Notifications under Settings Be sure to disable notifications for ALL apps except Alexa Install "Notifications from Fire TV" app on the FIRE TV * The best way I found to do this is to search for that app on the Amazon home page and then "deliver it" to the Fire TV.. see pics below In the Alexa Mobile app: In Reminders & Alarms Pick reminders Add a reminder and pick the Fire TV as the "Announces from" device https://youtu.be/WfUz9XClZWc ****** UPDATE ******* I found in testing that the Fire TV cube IGNORES the "App Notification = OFF" setting and the "Do Not Interrupt= ON" setting and lets the Alexa notification through and make the Fire Cube speak the notification even if the TV is off! I think this is a bug that may get repaired In my Use Case for those wanting to live independently, I will also add a scheduled "turn on the TV command" through an Alexa Routine so that the TV will be turned on for important notifications such as "Time for your walk" ****** UPDATE 2 ******* BTW, if you are looking for Notifications to be sent to your Fire TV that are NOT generated by Alexa, take a look at "Notifications for Fire TV" on the Google Play Store and Amazon.com for downloading to your Fire TV. Of course, this requires an Android phone, but you can then send any notification your phone gets to the TV. I think what is missing is that ALL notifications you allow on your phone will be sent... there needs to be a separate list
  2. While most phone users would NOT want their phone speaking reminders, this can be very helpful for those with mild cognitive impairment wishing to remain living independently. Speech is not an option in Reminders on a Samsung phone, but those phones with the One UI upgrade have a feature called Bixby Routines which can speak Notifications. 1. Create a Bixby Routine using an IF trigger of "home" or set time to "always" and THAT action to "speak notifications" 2. Set the Notifications to allow "Reminders" Note that you could have ANY Notifications spoken using this technique, but too many could overwhelm the listener Here is a YouTube videeo https://youtu.be/EOr2QmcJyok Frank
  3. For those individuals living independently, with remote technical support provide by friends and family, a common request is for better reminders for appointments and other events. The normal “one & done” type of reminder provided on a phone is usually not sufficient. Some calendar event apps supply an additional “alert” feature, but the individual is still required to look at reminder text. With the growing popularity of voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, a new class of reminders became available with verbal reminders with music and video animations as well as physical light and sound flashers, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WgWYcgk-Po Since many individuals living independently wear a watch, the use of a Samsung Galaxy Watch to provide additional spoken reminders is a reality. In this solution, use of standard Alexa Reminders can be set by the individual or their friend/family member remotely using the individual’s Alexa account on their own phone, tablet or PC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8GJ6VTtoVc This solution utilizes a Samsung Galaxy Store app “Talk to Alexa” to provide a means to speak the reminders on the individual’s wrist. While there are other apps that could be used to provide Text to Speech on that app’s own reminder list, the above approach requires no additional training as it utilizes the standard Alexa reminders FrankE
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