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Found 2 results

  1. I've run into a strange problem on my Android phone verses my IOS phone using Google Assistant. On both phones I can view the Nest camera by clicking on it in Google Home, but only on the IOS phone can I ask Google Assistant to view the camera! The Android phone says "It looks like the camera hasn't been setup yet" It can been seen by voice request on Nest Home
  2. Well, I kinda expected this is Google said they were giving a temporary pass to Amazon Alexa users who didn't migrate to a Google account. I tired to do the "1st gen Nest Aware" migration they mentioned, even dropping the "Works with Nest stuff" , but it failed so I had to use a Google account to get the savings on monthly fees Its not too bad for me because I slowly migrating to Ring cameras, but my 94 year old Aunt has 8 Nest cameras and views them on her Echo Show and Fire TV several times a day, so no upgrading to Nest Aware for her... I guess I'll find out just how long Google gives Amazon a pass Has anyone else with Nest cams tried this with Alexa? This Alexa Skill is no longer available
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