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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, I recently ordered a Switchbot Mini hub with two Switchbots. In the meantime while I'm waiting for the parcel to arrive I would like to ask you guys about my use cases I have and if those are doable. My use case: is to attach the Switchbot onto my Marantz Receiver and when the home is in "Away mode" in Smartthings the Switchbot will trigger the standby button on the receiver and vice versa when to home is in "Home mode". Will the Switchbot show up in Smartthings as a switch that can be put in to a Scene? Regarding the Switchbot Mini Hub ir-blaster , will the Switchbot mini hub remote capability be integrated into Smartthings and Google Home Assistant? My next use case: Have The Switchbot Mini IR-blaster turn on and off the TV with the above mentioned "Away/Home" mode. (Now that I think of it while I'm typing the Switchbot ir-blaster should be able to set my Receiver into standby mode with ir-signal instead of my having to attach the physical Switchbot to the Receiver and have that switch put the Receiver into standby mode) My last use case: Have the Switchbot Mini ir-blaster change the input selector on my Receiver from the HTPC input to the Chromecast input by Google Home voice. When I say "Turn on Bedroom PC" the Switchbot ir-blaster will send the command to the Receiver to active the HTPC input. The same goes for where I have connected my Chromecast Ultra. Will the Switchbot solve my use cases? Have a great weekend! //Peter
  2. I I have SmartThings and hue light bulbs. They are both connected to my Google home app. So, now the hue light bulbs and other connected brands are showing up twice in the Google home app. If I delete the smartthings copy, it shows back up because I have not de-linking smartthings? I can remove the hue linked copy, but I'm worried then when I ask Google to turn off a hue light bulb, it has to go through the smartthing, then the hue app and then back to Google. I don't want Google to tell me I have X amount of things not set up because it's not in a room. I also don't want double copies in a room in my Google home app. How have you guys resolved this situation to your satisfaction?
  3. I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on wake words for the Google Home and the Amazon Echo's. For me I think this is a security problem and a convenience issue. For security, say I have a lock on my front door or a garage opener that works with these assistance. Your front door or garage could easily be unlocked or opened by the TV or radio because the wake words are spoken on the air all the time. My lights have been turned off or on and even been changed to different colors because someone on the TV issued the commands with the wake word. And don't get me started on the radio or even friends or family that come over and set the Echo's off constantly because they call them by the wake word "Alexa" Convenience, In my home office I have a Google Home Max that I listen to music on all day while working. I want to add a Google Home Hub to the office as well so I can check my security camera's through the house, but I cannot because if I say "Hey Google" the one that can hear me best will answer. So if I want to play or pause music the Google home hub may start playing music, or if I want to see a certain camera the Google Home Max may answer. I've seen many, many posts for both Google and Amazon to make the wake words customizable, byt both companies refuse to do so. So what are your thoughts
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