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Found 4 results

  1. There are lots of apps available to screen mirror your iPhone to a smart TV. But they rely on installing an app on your TV and your iPhone. Worse yet, they add a delay because they first copy the video to memory. If you are using a Fire TV, I have a better way to do it. Although Apple claims that Fire TV can already support AirPlay, none of mine work https://www.apple.com/apple-tv-app/devices/ Here is an app you can install on the Fire TV to get AirPlay support Then when you swipe up/down to open the Control Center
  2. Potential Solution One of the most overlooked features of YouTube on a TV is 360-degree virtual reality. An Amazon Fire TV Cube provides a low-cost, easy-to-use viewing solution, as the remote control offers the normal ring control (up, down, left, right) as well as play/pause, forward/rewind Setup Just install the YouTube app on your Fire TV Cube or Fire TV Stick and you will be able to use your Fire TV remote to move around 360 degrees within the view with the “Ring control” as well as advancing and backing up in the video with the normal controls Here is a video of it working… https://youtu.be/9VL4abfU78k Suggestions This may be enough for most seniors. It of course does not offer the same “immersive experience” as the VR headset, but they can pan around in the video and pick the direction they wish to look. It’s helpful to create a “list” of videos Please note that you can add videos you are actively watching to a list, but to initially `create and name the list, you must be using the YouTube app on your phone Rather that selecting Autoplay, which will play “suggested videos” for you, try using “Play All” in your list so that the senior only sees the videos you have added You could setup Tube Premium, so there would be no commercials. In addition to 360-degree videos, there are some very long (2-4 hour) high quality videos that you could add to a list to provide some background scenery that is much better than someone just watching daytime TV as a “background”
  3. I have always turned off all the Notifications on my Fire TV, but just had a request for a way to show a bedtime reminder on a client's Fire TV while they are watching TV. Its actually pretty easy. On Fire TV: Enable Notifications under Settings Be sure to disable notifications for ALL apps except Alexa Install "Notifications from Fire TV" app on the FIRE TV * The best way I found to do this is to search for that app on the Amazon home page and then "deliver it" to the Fire TV.. see pics below In the Alexa Mobile app: In Reminders & Alarms Pick reminders Add a reminder and pick the Fire TV as the "Announces from" device https://youtu.be/WfUz9XClZWc ****** UPDATE ******* I found in testing that the Fire TV cube IGNORES the "App Notification = OFF" setting and the "Do Not Interrupt= ON" setting and lets the Alexa notification through and make the Fire Cube speak the notification even if the TV is off! I think this is a bug that may get repaired In my Use Case for those wanting to live independently, I will also add a scheduled "turn on the TV command" through an Alexa Routine so that the TV will be turned on for important notifications such as "Time for your walk" ****** UPDATE 2 ******* BTW, if you are looking for Notifications to be sent to your Fire TV that are NOT generated by Alexa, take a look at "Notifications for Fire TV" on the Google Play Store and Amazon.com for downloading to your Fire TV. Of course, this requires an Android phone, but you can then send any notification your phone gets to the TV. I think what is missing is that ALL notifications you allow on your phone will be sent... there needs to be a separate list
  4. Amazon have just announced an updated Fire TV Cube that supports local voice control 😆 From an entertainment angle it supports 4K HDR 10, Dolby Vision etc and it's finally being released outside the US 👍 https://www.theverge.com/2019/9/4/20848214/amazon-new-fire-tv-cube-dolby-vision-hdr10-plus-price-release-date-ifa-2019
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