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  1. No this is not possible yet, however you can make something work with a little effort. Make one routine "i'm home" for your day time automation and another one "i'm finally home" for your evening automation. or "I'm home early" and "f$%ck my life I'm late again" lol..... Easy work around, but not perfect.
  2. Wharrrrrrrrrrruuuuuup!!!!! So I have some google nest Hubs and speakers etc etc, coupled with Wyze bulbs.... one of the Wyze bulbs is my patio light.. Every morning between 4 and 5 AM, my nest hub screams at the top of it's lungs, "Im sorry, but the Patio light isn't available at present" and frightens us all awake. I have ZERO google home routines that operate the patio light at all, I have even rebuilt ALL my routines to see if that will help to no avail. My patio light does turn off at 5am through the Wyze app itself, ive turned this on and off as well, no help.. I've even unlinked and relinked wyze to google home. Any Ideas?? I's getting to the point where I want to shoot the damn google hub in my semi slumber.. lol... Poltergeist?? hahahaha..
  3. 51 Breithaupt St, Kitchener, ON N2H 5G5, Canada As far as I remember, this is the address I used.
  4. I was absolutely amazed when Wyze launched their CMC (complete motion capture), I immediately rejoiced and did a victory dance.. (in South Africa) With plenty of haste I accepted the two week free trial and removed my micro SD card and it worked BEAUTIFULLY!!! (in South Africa) For the next two weeks while the trial was running I was astonished by how well it worked without a single hiccup. (in South Africa) After the two week trial expired I was redirected to their billing page and was ready to add all my cameras to their billing system (in South Africa) I added my card details and then it asked me for my address and I could only choose between USA and Canada, you know, those two little countries you can barely find on the map.. hahaha.. I emailed Wyze and guess what they said........ "CMC will only work in USA and Canada"........ and I am (in SOUTH AFRICA) WTF!!!!!!! I emailed back and told them that it had been working for me (in South Africa) flawlessly and they responded by saying: "get a micro SD card you sad sad boy and your mother never loved you" Sitting in my chair here (in South Africa) I googled the address for google and entered that on their billing page and what do you know, it worked........ So now CMC works for me without no problem IN SOUTH AFRICA you Wyze BEEEEEATCHEZZZZ!!!!! hahahahahaahahaha,, Gonna add computer hacker to my resume..... hahahahahahahahaaaaa,,
  5. Yeah From my phone.. doesn't work. Don't know what I'm doing wrong.... Maybe it can't utilize gmail email addresses.
  6. Tried to get tiny cam to work with my wyze cams, but it says my email address is not a valid email address... so sad.
  7. Brian, just checked the new upload, I've been following your channel now for a good couple of months, and you have grown sooooooo much. Your video quality has dramatically increased and your demeanor on camera has improved soo much, keep it up man, you're gonna go far!!! HOWEVER....... (I hope you can take some constructive criticism) That second camera you're using with the side view of your face, please take that camera, remove it from the tripod, remove the memory card and lenses, THEN THROW IT IN THE TRASH!!! lol.. I don't know what ISO your shooting that camera with, but is some of the noisiest footage I see on YouTube. Your videos look fantastic, and then camera angle switches and I cringe every time... I'm probably the only guy who'll complain, but I'm a camera guy and 25 billion ISO should be illegal.. hahahaha.. Switch for some good quality b-roll or invest in another camera like your main one, and you'll be on the next level.... Please don't take offense, I'm only trying to help.
  8. So has anyone of you seen the new upgrades to Wyze?? Continuous motion capture on the cameras, no more 12 second max clips with a 5 minute cool down..... Also............ CONDITIONS ON THE MOTION SENSORS!!!!! I am ecstatic about this, lights now only come on at night with motion sensor, no more whole day long in bright light. Brian!!!!! I've been stalking your channel looking for the video drop, but nothing????!!!!!???!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!!? lol....
  9. I Upgraded to a new router and I have not had a single issue for the last 3 months... completely stable... not even a slightest hiccup. Router: Tenda AC1200 Fixed every smart home issue I had, couldn't be any more happy.
  10. I have both google and alexa assistant speakers in my home, no issues or conflicts whatsoever. Alexa seems to understand what I'm saying much better than google, but alexa is boring AF and sometimes retarded.. but for voice operating a smart home, alexa is boss.. For example, My son's name is Blaze, the light in his room is called Blaze's Light. Alexa, turn on or off Blaze's light, understands every time, no issues... Google has NEVER understood this command, not even once, had to set up a routine with a bunch of words that sounds like Blaze.... same with the Cupboard Light.. I'll attach screen shots of the routines I had to create for google.... there is a lot more of these, and separate routines for on and off... It's the words google hears when I say Blaze's or cupboard... stupid thing.
  11. I was told a VPN slows your internet speed down, so I've never used one... wouldn't even know how.. lol.
  12. Wrestling name?? hahahahaha... Although the spandex sounds tremendously appealing, Id shoot myself out of danger before I'd get all sensual with another dude.. hahahaha.. Ah so it's been done before, that is fantastic!!! Yeah man, spread the word!!
  13. Ok so I gave it a try and it works like a charm!!! problem solved!!!
  14. Sooooo.. I have smart bulbs in the house and one of the major issues my family (my wife) has is the fact that she can no longer use the light switches on the walls.. They have to stay permanently on and the bulbs need to be either triggered with a phone app, tablet or voice assistant etc... This also becomes a real problem if we have guests.. So check this out right, If i had to take a wyze contact switch, remove the little magnetic switch thingy inside, solder some wires on to it... (marked in red) then.. Remove 220Volt wires off the back of the wall switch and permanently connect them as to give smart bulbs always on power.. then.. connect wires soldered on to contact sensor to wall light switch.. (marked in green) Then program the contact sensor to turn on and off light..... This will result in a crazy cheap smart light switch that wont remove 220v power from the globes and you can still use all the apps and phones and tablets and assistants to control the light.. HOLY SHIT I'm a genius.. hahahaha.. Moving in to a new place come month end, I'm definitely gonna do this on all the light switches.. hehehehe..
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