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  1. What does this mean for users that do not have coding expertise? If Smartthings pulls virtual switches, which I use extensively in Webcore, will I have to learn coding in some language or be dependent on other people that post examples to create the pistons/routines that I rely on?
  2. Also, that would eliminate all of my tiles for Actiontiles that are based on virtual switches. Not good!
  3. If virtual switches are eliminated what effect will that have on all of the Wyze motion sensors and contact sensors? Since the Wyze sensors are not integrated with Smartthings, virtual switches is the only way Wyze gets integrated into Webcore and Alexa routines. Will this make Wyze a less useful system?
  4. Watched Brian’s YouTube video on Smartthings developments and there was mention of Smartthings and Smart Life being able to integrated. I have not seen any link or info as how to add Smart Life devices into Smartthings. Can anyone identify how to do this?
  5. Chatted with Wyze today. The Wyze bulbs after firmware upgrade stopped turning on/off from wyze rules. They told me to clear the Wyze app cache, and delete all my rules, and remake them. Did that and everything is back to working order. Fortunately I only had about 8 rules, so it didn't take long. If I wasn't using webcore and had a ton more wyze rues, I would not been very happy about process of deleting all rules and remaking them.
  6. Just recently my Wyze bridge is not operating. It shows all my sensors are working, but when they are triggered, nothing happens, like turning on or off lights. I have tried all different ways of plugging in or unplugging the camera and or bridge. Frustrating!
  7. After giving up on old smartphones as security cameras at about the same time I found out about Wyze cams. I have purchased 4 of them and they work great
  8. I tried a couple apps for old smart phones to be used for security and was disappointed in either cost for storage or their performance. So I have used old phones for loading Actiontiles for placing around the house. They come in handy for quick reference or a way to turn off lights when not wanting to use a smart speaker to not disturb others.
  9. Awesome, thanks so much. Glad you kept the global variable the same as the first battery checker piston, so we didn't have to create another.
  10. Try turning the camera off, pulling the bridge out and then reinserting the bridge, power the camera back on and see if the sensors reconnect. I have had to do this about 3-4 times since I got mine. I got my sensors as soon as they were on sale earlier this year
  11. Last weekend we had so much wash to do, and so many sporting events to watch at the same time, that I was losing track on my notifications so I decided to add to the notifications the time that the dryer or wash finished. I found a format time piston in webcore examples to add to the pistons: added: in the define area: string texttime ={formatDateTime ($now, 'h:mm a')} Changed the Send Push Notification to "Dryer has finished at {texttime}" and store in messages Added these to both washer and dryer pistons, really helps if you are doing multiple loads.
  12. I had the same problem with my Google Home Hub on this past Thursday evening (sounds like at the same time of your posted time frame) only one time and it started working again on it's own after about 3 hours. However, during that down time of curated pictures instead of my google photo gallery, my hub would not answer any questions. It kept saying go to the google home app. None of my other google Assistants did that and were working answering questions, so clearly there was an issue with google home hub. I have not had the problem since that one time.
  13. Thanks much Larry, I had the other piston working to trigger when temp rises and it said what devices were open so I would know which ones to close. I used yours and it works perfectly. So, I tried to combine yours and mine to say the current temperatures and humidity and to tell me which doors or windows are open. This is what I came up with, (Please disregard the Is conditions rather than rises above I am using them to test the piston) The problem that I am having is the piston doesn't get the devices to check condition area after telling me the temps info. and I have left some of the devices open to ensure they are open Here is the screen shot:
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