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  1. I would definitely miss this forum as I really have followed the scripting section. I have noticed that there are not many people using the scripting information so I have spent more time at the Webcore forum. I will definitely miss Larry Underwood’s posts and advice as his posts and advice has been extremely helpful. I would suggest forum members also try the Smartthings community forum too. If the forum continues I will certainly continue my activity here.
  2. Stukes

    Aeotec multisensor 6

    Yes, since I don't have an Aeotec, maybe just try writing a piston with a time element. try the IF time every x amount of minutes or seconds, see if you can get a then action that uses a poll or refresh. Hope that works
  3. Stukes

    Aeotec multisensor 6

    If you use webcore you may try writing a piston that makes the sensor refresh more often.
  4. There is a device handler available called Purple Air Quality station that is available from the Smartthings forum. Once you download the device handler you are able to create a Air Quality device. Once you create the device, you need to go to the website of Purple air and locate the closest Purple Air station to you on their map. Click on the station closest to you and then hover over the "Get this widget" area and look inside the bubble that appears for the station. You should see a 4 - 5 digit number near the beginning of the information. Write that down or memorize it. Now go back to your newly created air quality device in your smartthings IDE and click on your air quality device. Scroll down to the area called Preferences, and click on edit. You will then see the following: PurpleAir Station ID - Enter the desired PurpleAir Station ID: This is where you will type in the four - five digit number from the purple air station closest to you, then press Save. You should then be getting data in your device, check your Smartthings app to see if it has been populated. If you use webcore and Actiontiles, you can write a piston to convert the Air quality index to a simulated temperature sensor device in your Samsung IDE, and then include Air quality as a Actiontile tile.
  5. A SmartThings virtual device type handler (DTH) for retrieving pollen index data from is available from the Smartthings Community forum. It entails downloading a device handler and smart App from Github. Once you have downloaded both, you are able to create a Pollen Virtual Sensor device in Smartthings. For those of us that have allergies, it is a nice set of data to look at on your Smartthings device list, or dashboard. Also, if you have Actiontiles, and want to include the Pollen count device, it does not directly load into Actiontiles, BUT, If you use Webcore, you can create a piston to change the Pollen Count index to a virtual illuminance sensor in Smartthings. Once you have the conversion piston running (which grabs the Pollen Count device index attribute and converts it to a illuminance in your virtual device), the Pollen to virtual illuminance sensor will be available to Actiontiles. Once you load the new pollen device into Actiontiles, there is a new ability in Actiontiles to not include units, so that instead of a Pollen Count displaying with a lux text, the tile will simply only have a number.
  6. Just ordered 1 yesterday, and asked a question via email and they got back to me in a timely manner. Hopefully the bulbs will integrate well with Smartthings. found it interesting that the bulb was $9.97, but the shipping was $8.00. Any idea on timing of delivery?
  7. Just added the Smartapp but I don’t see where you add the sounds can you provide some guidance or explanation as to where to add and select the options like bells, dogs barking etc.?
  8. I think you should give up your day job and start manufacturing the coaster and all of your other devices that you have made recently! Very impressive!
  9. I am monitoring the Switchbot Hygrometer/Temperature sensor on the Smartthings list of events and notice there are very few events listed from Switchbot Hygrometer/Temperature sensor to Smartthings. Am I missing some setting in Switchbot or Smartthings that forces more data/communication from the Switchbot meter to Smartthings? I want to use the Switchbot humidity readings to help control my dehumidifier, and display on Actiontiles, but with only a couple events sent to Smartthings per day, this is unreliable. Any suggestions/advice would be deeply appreciated.
  10. Just for clarification, is that the $229.00 echo show 2 that you are referencing?
  11. Not sure on that, as I use the Smartthings hub to do most all of my device actions. Whenever I load a new device though, alexa automatically recognizes the device because the two services are linked. I was using echo speaks until Saturday when it totally got wiped out after I tried downloading a google speaks with smartthings program I saw from Simply Smart 123 youtube video. also, sometimes the virtual switches trigger alexa to speak and at other times the same virtual seitches don't trigger alexa to speak. Very inconsistent.
  12. I am having the same problem right now. Virtual switches trigger alexa routines but regular motion sensors and contact sensors are not doing anything. What can I do other than creating more virtual switches? I have been having problems with echo speaks through webcore so I am trying to a bunch of alexa routines to alleviate some of the echo speaks needs.
  13. Had many problems today. Had to uninstall Echo speaks, and reinstalled it. worked for a couple minutes and then has not worked for past 8 hours. Have tried updating Echo speaks all to no avail. Anyone having the same problem or know how to address this?
  14. Before you do this tutorial on Youtube and you already use Echo speaks, I am not sure you will want to do it, as my echo speaks pistons stopped working. If you don't use Echo Speaks and want to add speech capabilities to your webcore or Sharp Tools, Look up the Youtube channel SimplySmart 123 and search for adding google devices to Smartthings to let your google devices speak the text you input. It talks about a Cast web api It will allow you to be able to include speech through Webcore pistons or Sharp Tools rules. The directions are very descriptive step by step. It instructs on where to download the code, the device handlers into your Smartthings IDE and how to download the Smart App into your IDE and how to set up the Smart App on Smartthings Classic app. Once you are all done, you can include the ability to have your google device speakers speak whatever you enter as text. Tried it today, nice on Google BUT after installing it ECHO Speaks seemed to stop working SO not sure if you want to try it!
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