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  1. Well, where I am is a tad (only slightly) disappointed in the range department. I bought just the router and I have two devices that keep dropping their connection. I live in a small apartment that's got to be under 750 ft. To be totally fair the two devices are furthest from the router and (the Kitchen display) is in its own outcove flanked by a couple of kitchen cabinets. That one is strange because in the Nest wifi test it get 295 Mbps The bathroom Nest Mini only gets 29 Mbps but it goes through three wall to get there I bet. Tomorrow, I get an extension cord to put the router another three ft. higher. If that doesn't work I'm looking at another point at $150. fingers crossed. Any tips? Plus, doing the wifi test I found an Android 2 device that doesn't belong to me. is there a way I can kick'em off my network with this router? and..(I have one more question, apparently) There is a way to change "modes" but I have to disable my network first.(?) I'm still looking for that in settings. I added a couple of screenshots one of my wifi test and the second is a speed test. The result are from a 300/20 package.
  2. Do you use a fingbox or something similar to monitor your network? Something I overlooked when switching from Eero to Google. Eero has a service, for a fee I *might* be getting for free as a Prime customer. (this is not a deal breaker) I actually used it once, a hazard of apartment living is someone trying to get free internet. Eero notified me of a new connection to my network . I had the option of approving it or blocking it. I checked it out and it was a phone I did not recognize so I blocked it. I have my new Nest router but don't have the cable I want to relocate it. I hope nest included a monitoring service but I don't remember seeing it as a feacher. Next would be something like a fingbox or the free (it's for me) download. Sharkwire? IDK.
  3. I'll be looking for a Lutron Aurora on Black-Friday (1 or 2) if anybody sees one under $39.95 let me know, please.
  4. That guy is the ultimate DIY're Have you seen his other videos? And of course his smart mirror This is only pt 1 of 3
  5. No problem. I'll let you know how things turn out.
  6. I never used webcore with my ST. I'd imagine Hubitat is a Hub and WebCore in one package by one manufacture. Different UIs though. I looked up how to install it but haven't so far.
  7. It happens a lot. Not to me, but I see that same complaint on FaceBook quite a bit. It happened to me but I knew why after seeing your video on managing two Hubs. I have a ST Hub and a Hubitat. I'm only using the ST for wifi devices now.
  8. I'd like to know that too. If you know, that is. My next (in the future) is new cams. I have some Arlo cams and love the securities they use but no longer have a free cloud storage or features. For the premium I paid I thought a free cloud would always be there.. When I buy new cams I was thinking of Nest for Thread. They are Wifi of course. Will they get an update to Thread, you think, or wait until a Thread option comes out? No rush, but I have said that before! LOL Arlo still has an SD card in the base, I just don't know if it rewrights over the old data and keeps recording. Where can I go to see a list of Google partners with thread (if there is one).
  9. I did a little digging into each routers privacy and what I found is this: Eero/Amazon does indeed collect personal data to target you for advertisement including 3rd parties. Amazon, the Policy from Eero is hard to find. I had to rely on about half a dozen customer reviews. One in particular looked like a C&P of the actual Privacy policy Google has a privacy policy right on there sales page, unlike Amazon. their policy is just about opposite of Amazons. They don't collect personal data, they don't track visited websites, no data is collected for advertisement. Data is only collected for performance. I looked at Google's DNS policy, too. My current Eero is set to CloudFlair. I should look at their P.P. They are both currently under political fire for this. Now, with Google, I just have to believe it. We all know a privacy policy can change like the weather in New England (that's where I'm from. The weather changes a lot).😃 Plus Brian help, too. I think I'll order one from Google today.
  10. @AYL_Brian Awesome news in your last video! In your opinion, Thread and Nest integration trumps Wifi 6. Having both would be better, you think. 😁 The price of the Nest router system is already high. In both cases you would need Thread and Wifi 6 compatible devices. In some cases some devices can be updated in Thread with a software update, no? (I read somewhere Thread can do that). Back to my question, Better to have a Nest router and the Nest integration? I have an original Eero with thread, without the Echo AI. For a Google Home Household which is the better router?
  11. Of course I'll watch your video tomorrow but I read an article where it was mentioned the first version of Wifi 6 will be more like an (Beta 3) almost done and some tweaking will need to be done before it's finished In other words, WiFi 6 will be buggy at first plus we can add the unseen problems to that. What is your opinion? Another question (and this will probably have more to do with Canada vs USA) is the infrastructure. Do you know if it's going on simultaneously or is everybody waiting for WiFi 6 to be released? I'm still deciding what I should do believe or not. I'm apprehensive. LOL and I have to unload an Eero. I will have a better chance before Wifi 6 is out.
  12. Well, it looks like I'm waiting to the release of Wifi 6 or when it will be in my neighborhood. I don't want to upgrade next year, too.
  13. There must be must be more to it than that. When has "They don't need it, yet" ever been a reason to stop a sale? Nobody needs a twerking stuffed bear, but we can get one! LOL It maybe true, though. I'd like to have it but if it's monetized in anyway to get it, I'll be fine without it. I can believe the "There's no money in Wifi 6 much easier.
  14. AYL_Brian I understand this router won't have Wifi 6, Is that a con in anyway? I heard by many Wifi 6 is in 2020 but do you think we'll be waiting even longer for the infrastructure and ISP's (assuming ISP's will have anything to do with it if you have your own router)? Each state in the U.S. does their own infrastructure and where I live, it's a State that lags behind most states in that department. The fact that Google, who is one of the main investors of Wifi 6, didn't put it in their router tells me it will be longer than we think and everybody else who has put Wifi 6 in a router is just marketing their router.
  15. I can't get the new Nest router out of my mind. Plus, knowing Amazon won't be getting that data will be nice. I guess Google will, instead. Somehow, I think they may be the lesser of the two evils. Who knows. Alexa is still on my network so I'm probably still screwed. LOL With the new Nest design I can put it more in the middle of my apartment with a long Ethernet cable. That way I should be able to get by with just the router. As long as I can get past the thick, metal, fire apartment door, where my Nest Hello is, I can get just the router.
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