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  1. Motion sensors, contact sensors. I have motion sensors or motion zones in just about every room I, almost never turn on/off light switches. Motion sensors can be used in a number of ways to keep you from transferring the virus.
  2. https://9to5google.com/2020/02/05/google-trademark-pigweed-operating-system/
  3. Are you using a Hub called Hubitat? If so, that can be achieved. You will have to have a couple of apps, though. One, or two built-in and at least one added from github, much like the SmartThings Hub, to set it all up. BTW, Having a GH say a command will not work when it is already executing a command. With Hubitat you can make a relay from a Pi or what I do is have Alexa say: Hey G... Matter of fact. you can have a relay or Alexa say Hey G, Show X camera on X display.
  4. My solution would involve using another Hub called Hubitat. There is a built-in app you can add called "Hubitat Safety Monitor" that has all these feature and more. In this app you can pick devices such as motion detectors, contact sensors. (if they are compatible with Hubitat) to monitor your dwelling and it will give you options as light warning and voice warnings (from smart speakers) as well as text. The one con I know of is (I think) it does not have a 911 option. besides intrusion detection there is other features such as fire and water leak features BTW, there is ST Hub integration to make the migration easier. This is not a migration tool, just a Hub linker.
  5. Just wondering about the current state of BT for the home? I have seen the word coming up in more articles. It's in the SmartThings Hub but not turned on yet. I emailed Hubitat a while ago and they said there is not enough people requesting it. I only have one (device) need for it but I'm stuck playing the waiting game. I have one SmartBlinds, retro fit kit. They are putting out another product that would open my style of window. That, for me, would be great and better than me, falling out the window someday. ha ha, I'm in a wheelchair.So, that's if I stay with Bluetooth and Samsung turns on their BT. Or even buying a SB Hub/Bridge at $90 or I just switch to iBlinds (uses Zwave) and cut my losses with SmartBlinds.
  6. I don't have a Plex app on the TV. However, there is a way to do a network thing and connect my my PC via WEB OS. I heard (on the web) that is limited. I do have some USB's on the TV. Maybe I'll try plugging my DAS and see what happens.
  7. I want something more local. I have a few HD's in a DAS with pic/music/movies. I invested a lot of time digitising my library of the aforementioned stuff. Another question if you don't mind. I have an old Qnap NAS. Would my DAS make a storage extension for my NAS I have a Plex app on the Roku that has a lot of free options but nothing for my library. Almost all my music is MKV, BTW. Are there any other options besides a Shield?
  8. Looking for some advice. Now that my PC is no longer my HTPC I will need something to replace my Plex server. I a a cord cutter too. I have a Roku Ultra but the little research I have done says I'm a good candidate for a nVidia Shield.. The thing is $200 so it and I can wait until next month.
  9. I've been doing web surfing on that TV for a lot longer than I wanted to. I just hope it clears up now. I liked having a 55" computer monitor, though. If I have to get another TV I'll get some kind of an LCD. 😟 OLED is nice.
  10. I wound up going with one of Lenovo's 2019 models. A C330. I just noticed on the budget Chromebooks ($170) there wasn't a touch screen. The C330 is a 2 in one as well. I haven't used it much for Home Automation just yet. I did DL Google Home, though and my Hubitat Hub is a bookmark. Because I used the Chrome Browser on my PC, Signing in to my Google account is all I had to do, just about. I have a few more apps to add.
  11. I have been doing a no, no for the last couple of years. Web surfing on an OLED. Now, I finely like to do some about it and hopefully I didn't totally ruin the screen. I can easily see the static Images of my web browser and taskbar. Although, the taskbar has been hidden for six month and the ghostly images are almost gone. Also, the screen saver for my Yamaha AVR is partially burnt in. Back on topic, I need a replacement web browsing machine and I think a Chromebook is my best option. Unless there is such thing as a web browser with OLEDS in mind. I didn't think so, ha ha. What would be cool is a keyboard with all the browser navigation and bookmarks so I can just be in Full-screen all the time. So, Chromebooks? For a web-browsing machine can I stay around $250 for a 2019 version? I saw an HP for $265 Any other ideas, I tried Kodi with the Chrome plug-in. That was fair. I didn't try the built in browser. One benefit of going Chromebook is I can put all my H.A. apps on there.
  12. You just need to read the third paragraph. @@@@@@FUCHSIA@@@@@@
  13. Merry Christmas to you @AYL_Brian and crew.
  14. I always wanted to try that out with the Google Max speakers for a Home Theater set up. I will have to mute all the mics though. ha ha All the speaker are powered with built in room correction EQ. I just need a pre-amp. I have a powered sub. Meh, that takes money so we may never know, unless Google reads this and contributes 5 Max speakers. HA HA!
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