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  1. I installed a Nest hello some time ago. I remember when it was added to the Google app it created it's own home, with my name. That was fine back then, everything worked fine. I have four homes in my Google app. One is from my Hubitat Hub. All my Google Homes, mini's, Hub's, etc are in there. Another Home is called, "Matthew Abrames." That is where my Nest Hello is. Nest created it when installing the Hello doorbell. Now, in order to get the video's doorbell's video to automatically be sent to your Google/Nest video devies, they must be in the same home. (phew) If I try to change Homes to a Google/Nest screen or the Nest VD, I get a message the two devices can't comuicate. I get the chime but not the video on my display's Does anyone have a clue to what I'm trying to say or possabley, hope you may have my solution. I can think of two things to try but they are a shot in the dark, and a long way to get there and find out it won't work.
  2. I was hoping to not use their Router/modem combo at all for the rentel fees they charge. I haven't changed yet. I want to have everything in place and ready to go when the instaler shows up. Then I can say something like put your cale there, in that hole. I was looking at the ubiquity edge x router for the options in the UI but I don't think I want to go (UI) that way. I would rather have a more home equipent UI. IDK.[/font 16 px] with more options than the Nest router that I have. (I'm done rambling now!)
  3. I have a bug up my 🤪 To switch to FIOS. Just to save money for a year if anything. Besides, Fiber. Cable is getting wonkey too. Eversince all the kids are home all day homeschooling, etc my speeds have slown down. Video buffers, webpages load slow, etc. What I'm really after is can I use my router with FIOS? Of course they charge rental fees for their equipment and I haven't paid a rental fee with cable for close to 10 years. With the rental fee they are hard-pressed to rent/sell you their crapy modem/router combo. Apparently, they just tell you other equipment doesn't work. BTW, all this, what I have said, comes from the inter-web-thingy. I have taken into account that it might be a bunch of people telling their bad expaireance. A lot of these people were found on youtube, open their mouth and reveil their firt network problem and how they solved it. Unfortunately, they own a camera and have a youtube account. I also checked out Ubiquity Edge routers and APs. A lot of things might not work in Nest's bridge mode including secuity and wifi. I just want to do be prepaird and hook up the right equipment once. Advice? Your expeirences? Your Modem/Router or theirs? BTW, I do have a switch with a SFP port.
  4. I never wanted to go *that* DIY (sonoff) but the IFTTT change is "the suck" that dessision may have been inevitable. It all made sense in Brians interview. The new IFTTT membership $9.99 fee are more for busineses that use IFTTT. There are other membership charges geared for home users. I think pro accounts are more for devs or coders. if you can get by with less, the fee per month is less.
  5. If you have an nVidia Sheild use Hue or Tradify lights on a Hue bridge you can get a Hue Sync effect with an app called Hue Essentials on the Play store or Apple iTunes. Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.superthomaslab.hueessentials < f=black> Apple:</f=black> https://apps.apple.com/app/id1462943921 A couple of cons. it's not as good as the PC program and it doesn't seem to work on pay-sites like Amazons Prime, Vudu, Google Play, and the like. Although, they did say they are working on that. Meh, it's better than nothing and I ain't buying a $230 (?) Sync Box!
  6. I think he likes it there. 😆 Just call him Alice.
  7. @FrankE I'm Not a ChromeBook aficionado and shopped by price. Bought a $250 Lenovo but you should be able right click/two finger tap an extensions icon and unpin it from the browser. The same thing works for the lower "shelf" if you open the app tray (or whatever Google calls it). two finger tap will bring up a pin/unpin option. Your other issues I'm afraid I don't have answers for them. I did see something about a Zoom app just recently. I didn't need it so it might work on a CB now.
  8. I feel the same way everybody here does. I hope you are able to keep this place running but I will understand if you don't. I blame the covid economy we have now. I think a lot of people are hanging on to their money instead of starting an IOT hobby. Besides you have to stick around for Thread. I read an article on my Google feed (phone) that zigbee 3.0 was on it's way with thread. Hubitat has a new Hub with the latest Zwave antennas (I assume) Things may go back to a new normal but it won't be as good as it was for a while. I bet anyway. Who knows. There is still talk of another wave of Covid in the news and that alone must have everybody at bay, financially. Me, I still add small things to my IoT setup. living in a handicap apartment leaves me with so much I can't do, though. I took on another hobby too. Espresso. Never thought that could be as involved as it is. My network switch went kaputz the other day and I'm waiting for its replacement. Glad I went local with my Hubitat Hub. Everything still works, I can't change an automation or anything that involves opening the UI for the hub but that's how it goes. I use a Chromebook to get online now so that changed my online habits too. I actually get things done now. lol I'm just not online as much as I use to be. Still pop into FB and here. I watch all the AYL vids on youtube via a nVida Shield. A matter of fact. Watching youtube takes up a good portion of my day. lol Well, I hope this place and everybody that goes here is still around when IoT makes its comeback but if I get that "page can't be found" error, I will understand.
  9. I have them for multiple uses too! I put one on my PC to start it. It's kind of hard to reach. So I can tell Google to do it. in my apartment I used one on an automatic door's remote and on an intercom button to open the downstairs, door. I have three or four of them. They work great!
  10. Can I use a Sensensative Strip (Drip strip) as a Max Fill detector in a coffee machine reservoir. When the S.S detects water, its full. I know a ST water leak detector has to be reset after it detects a water leak. I hope a S.S. does not. WHY: It's impossible for me to see the "Max-Fill" line while filling the reservoir. the only way to make sure it's full is pour water until I see a leak. lol
  11. AYL_Brian You mentioned Nord VPN before. Is there extra settings for IoT devices that use a remote service or the Google cloud and Amazon's cloud. A whitelist I suppose. Nord is running a great deal right now.
  12. Motion sensors, contact sensors. I have motion sensors or motion zones in just about every room I, almost never turn on/off light switches. Motion sensors can be used in a number of ways to keep you from transferring the virus.
  13. https://9to5google.com/2020/02/05/google-trademark-pigweed-operating-system/
  14. Are you using a Hub called Hubitat? If so, that can be achieved. You will have to have a couple of apps, though. One, or two built-in and at least one added from github, much like the SmartThings Hub, to set it all up. BTW, Having a GH say a command will not work when it is already executing a command. With Hubitat you can make a relay from a Pi or what I do is have Alexa say: Hey G... Matter of fact. you can have a relay or Alexa say Hey G, Show X camera on X display.
  15. My solution would involve using another Hub called Hubitat. There is a built-in app you can add called "Hubitat Safety Monitor" that has all these feature and more. In this app you can pick devices such as motion detectors, contact sensors. (if they are compatible with Hubitat) to monitor your dwelling and it will give you options as light warning and voice warnings (from smart speakers) as well as text. The one con I know of is (I think) it does not have a 911 option. besides intrusion detection there is other features such as fire and water leak features BTW, there is ST Hub integration to make the migration easier. This is not a migration tool, just a Hub linker.
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