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  1. "If I'm in the room" How do you accomplish that part of the sensing? I'm looking for the same result but with an A/C. Do you have an extra motion sensor in the room?
  2. PeL4

    Motion Detectors

    What are the options available now for motion + light sensor? A motion sensor without light sensing means the light will turn on if I walk by during day... not necessary.
  3. LOL. Great response! I think this is possible with webcore for Smartthings, and you don't even need to say a word... but I don't have a Smartthings hub yet. Thanks for the help
  4. Hi, I'm in the same situation here. Starting a project of building a smart house, and I read about webCore for Smartthings. On the other hand is Hubitat, I haven't researched a lot about pros and cons but I see there are two paths to chose. What would you recomend nowadays? Smartthings or Hubitat?
  5. Hi, I'm new to atuomation. I bought a Philips Hue starter kit a few days ago, and I control them by voice using Google routines, and I have a question regarding something I need: Is it possible to make the same routine to act differently depending on the time frame it's executing? I want my "Ok Google I'm home" routine to perform different tasks depending on the time I get home. For example, if I "I'm home" at: 3 pm: I don't want it to turn on the lights. Maybe turn on the TV and the PC (I don't have these automated yet, but lets assume I have) 9 pm: Turn the living room lights, TV and PC on. 2 am: For example, I came home late. I don't want it to turn on the TV and PC, but instead turn the living room and the bedroom lights at 30%. I know it is possible to do all this with different routines, but that would need for me to remember what the routines is called. I'd like to do this with the same routine, defining time frames for the each task, so that it would check what the time is when I command it, and do the tasks I said depending on the time frame. Thanks in advance!
  6. My thoughts exactly. What's the point of adding a temp sensor if you are still going to end up turning the heater on manually? Do you really need a sensor to let you know you are cold? 😄 I agree with Brian, the whole point of adding a temp sensor is to act in consequence. If temp is below X°C, turn on heater. No manual action needed
  7. PeL4

    Motion Detectors

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and new to automation. I'm planning on setting up a smart lightning system in my house and I'm doing a lot of research, and it lead me here! 😄 I have a question regarding sensors. I see a lot of different "motion" sensors, but what about presence? What if you want to put a sensor in your living room, so the lights would remain on when you are there, but maybe you are not moving... just sitting at the computer, or at the couch watching TV. These motion sensor would not detect any movement so the lights will turn off. That's not what I'm looking for. Are there any motion + presence sensors? That would turn the lights on as soon as you enter the room, keep them on while you are there (maybe lying watching a film) and automatically turn lights off when you leave the room? I'm learning a lot about all the products in the market for automation, by watching your videos on YouTube and reading this forum! Thanks for all the help guys. Greetings from Argentina!
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