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  1. Started a new Smart Home Basics series today and launched it by talking about home networking and two routes you can take to make a reliable WiFi network for your home. I also briefly talk about some of the newer networking technologies. Check it out at
  2. Currently I have it running on my Philips hue hub. I get my smartthings hub back from my dad on Saturday but it is just a zigbee controller so I would expect it to work with SmartThings natively. Especially since it works on the Philips hue app and that is a brand that SmartThings supports.
  3. @Larry Underwood and @AYL_Brian the controller I am using is https://geni.us/wrightgledoptoLED and the LED strips is https://geni.us/wrightsupernightLED. Also had to buy some LED electrical wiring and strip to wire connectors I can link those if you are interested as well. Hope this helps
  4. After much planning and execution I was able to finish the installation of my custom LED strip that is controlled with my Philips Hue Hub and I did it without spending more that $100. Check out the pictures below. Will post a video on my YouTube channel with more details on this project in the future.
  5. @Larry Underwoodthank you for sharing this code. I will have to try it out when I get my SmartThings hub back from my parents this weekend. Was doing a proof of concept for my dad that he could use a SmartThings hub to control his thermostats based on the conditions of his current electric price with Griddy. Was able to use a SmartApp to pull in the electricity price per Kilowatt hour and based on that create conditions to turn of the HVAC system when the price goes above a set price.
  6. @Larry Underwood Brian gave me your name as someone who might be able to help me figure out how to use webcore to setup date validation to setup smart light scenes for holidays to only trigger during a specific date range. Example November 28- December 31 would be the Christmas scene etc. any help would be much appreciated.
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