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  1. Hi All, I am using smatthings i am look for a device that will swing a door open and close any ideas? thanks
  2. Hi all i can not get stop to fill the stop time is there a max limit for get request |time|Start|Stop|Room|Pump| |---|---|---|---|---| |1/27/2020 14:47:58|Mon, Jan 27 2020 @ 2:47:46 PM CST|1/27/2020 0:00:00|Beau's R |1/27/2020 17:12:31|Mon, Jan 27 2020 @ 5:12:24 PM CST|1/27/2020 0:00:00|Beau's here my full code also get this error Error executing virtual command [].setVariable: (1ms) groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: result for class: script_app_6c4a97a42cd9c01ed79ae72c875a75bf6c50e82c665272109ecaf6627b7135
  3. Hi Larry How would you do it this was my first script i am just try to track a sump pump run time better? thanks beau
  4. Hi All, I have started this script to work with a zooz power pug that is on a sump pump I would like to be able to see the first time the script runs then the number of times and ho often I like an ideas
  5. Hi All I need some help I have a switch set up when i on it sends a wake on lan command to turn on my pc i have been look fir was to get off to send a shutdown command for off but everything i look at uses event ghost an the are problems with windows 10 i am look for other options ? thanks beau
  6. Hi all I have the smart things hub V 2 I have a ceiling fan that has 315 mhz rf remote I was think of trying a brodlink pro or some or the sonoff but i like to known what others have done thanks Beau
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