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  1. Wow! This is very interesting and affordable. Can’t wait to read more about it. Both of my kids have allergies too and have noticed more issues. Any bit of wheezing or coughing right now is sending everyone into a panic I’m sure. Glad to hear you’re doing better, David.
  2. David, are you doing any better? This was the same situation for someone in my home. He had nausea as well which I’ve read now can be a symptom albeit small percentage. Luckily he’s better but did comment he’s never felt so poorly. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  3. This is great Frank! Just helped my mom order a new faucet last month. Wish I’d seen this. Now if they could just come up with something more aggressive for the resistant hand washers like my son. The reminder from Alexa isn’t cutting it. I showed this meme to him but he said “you know that’s not why they’re extinct, right?” Thoroughly respect the response since I’ve moved from partially to fully responsible for his education.
  4. I guess I’m not set up for notifications, sorry for the delay. No, I don’t. I’m really surprised this works as well as it does and to this day because I haven’t updated the firmware. Feels like I just tempted the universe 🥺
  5. Shay

    Sensor challenges

    Hi! Usually not below freezing on a garage door. The leak sensors not below 10 degrees Celsius. I think I’m going to try another brand of battery after reading a bit? It does get quite warm though and we’ve not had any issue then. Probably completely unrelated to temps. Thank you!
  6. I have one inside up against a window (sidelight it’s called) of my door and the person detection is very reliable even through glass. Equal to our nest hello on porch. I had to tweak some Wyze app settings (thanks to a video by AYL) and keep window clean. The straight motion detection (vs PD) is not really all that reliable but find that true of all of our Wyze just in my experience maybe because we have large flying insects and shadows through trees. Unreliable enough to not be usable as a motion sensor imho. It doesn’t get far below freezing here often enough to speak to that but definitely okay in the heat. This is an older post but adding for future reference in case anyone else considering inside a window. Must minimize lighting behind camera (turn IR off) and adding extra lighting outside helps considerably.
  7. You used shark fittings on your main? I was afraid to do that and a plumber advised not to but I’m sure it’s probably fine. We’ve used them on our sprinkler lines before getting that advice. We have the leak sensors and valve robot (z-wave) set up through Smart Home Monitor. I’m not sure how you would utilize that in this case. I’ve set up some Tuya/SmartLife devices as virtual switches in ST and use IFTTT to set on/off. Maybe that’s an option here? Before I went all in with ST, I’d bought some Geeni/Merkury devices and later ended up setting them up in SmartLife to use that same process so I can access everything from ST.
  8. Shay

    Seizure detection

    This is more of a psa as I researched this topic recently and found a couple of good apps for seizure detection. One is android and I set this up for my dad after reading good feedback on related forums versus a lot of negative feedback for other specific devices http://www.openseizuredetector.org.uk/?page_id=1128 the other is iOS called SeizAlarm in the App Store. We are using this one for one of our children. This one has a monthly service fee but well worth it. It also includes call feature which the other one does not offer only sms. It’s a battery hog so will probably have to get the newest watch or possibly just add a second. One for day and one for night option. These are obviously just nice to have and not FDA cleared for this purpose although I’ll tell you have better feedback than those devices. Just wanted to share in case anyone else could benefit from the information. Based on some recent patents Apple registered, I’m interested to see where this technology goes in the future. ***Update: adding link to Graham’s video for installing Open Seizure Detector
  9. Shay

    Sensor challenges

    Does anyone notice battery issues with the SmartThings multipurpose and leak sensors in colder temps? The leak sensors are the major concern for me and wondering if anyone can speak to this or preferred brand. Wondering if I should’ve replaced with sensative during BF. Also, wasn’t ST supposed to have a new motion sensor coming out with pet detection? I thought I remembered talk of that several months ago but could’ve dreamed it. I tried another brand and the PD feature was too slow. Without that feature enabled (jumper) it was fine and same speed as ST.
  10. Going to toss in another vote for SmartThings and webCoRE with the caveat I haven’t tried Hubitat so can’t speak to that. I’m attracted to the speed everyone mentions. David, I’ve also had a few issues myself with a couple of ZigBee devices yet wonder if the issues are device specific not necessarily the protocol. The ST ZigBee devices have been solid. Z-wave has been rock solid for me on the whole. If you live with other humans, you will want to consider them going into it to save yourself trouble later. My spouse is in IT as well, but tells or texts me whenever there is an issue In addition to our kids. I regret not making it all more of a family project early on. My son has some interest so over the holidays we got a raspberry pi and started messing around with homebridge. Our kids are really into the Apple ecosystem so that was fun for him and he likes HomeKit. They each have an ActionTiles shortcut for their dashboards that probably never gets used from their iPhones. None of us are big talkers and prefer visual interfaces or automation, but the voice assistants are great for convenience when your hands are full. As Alan mentioned, smart watches are another way to control devices and helped get my daughter using things more. Personally, I love the Apple Watch too. My daughter really likes Siri and doesn’t care for the other VA’s...at all. NFC tags are definitely my son’s favorite. Sorry, I’m going on a tangent here, but just definitely consider everyone now or regret later lol. Going with devices that work on as many platforms as possible is a good idea. IFTTT has been helpful a few times trying to kluge between two. Please post back updates as I’m super curious how this goes!
  11. I could’ve overlooked it. Still looking for my glasses lol
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