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  1. I might hold off on the button for now as I'm just starting to add smart stuff to the house, so will look at what the hub can do and plan it out with stuff in my house. Will still grab some smart plug and play around with that for the heater just now, along with the Xiaomi Mi bulbs I have ordered. Just getting my head around all the various smart things I can get so this site might be useful for all the things I may end up doing.
  2. ,Does the button require the hub or could I use it standalone controlled by just my google home mini or other assistant devices? I don't want to go spending £79 for a hub if I'll not get lots of use from it but then it looks like it can do a lot of things so I'd have to look into what I might also want to do with the hub.
  3. So I could use this to see/hear the temp in the hallway either on my smartphone or via smart speaker? In turn I could use either of those devices to turn the plug on or off depending on whether I need the heater on or off? I know just using a smart plug would suffice in allowing me to turn that one heater on or off as needed, but then I'd have no idea if It's cold enough to need turn it on or hot enough to turn it off/not need turn it on in the first place.
  4. Thanks, I should clarify I'm in the UK and clicking that link gave me a page not found.
  5. We have a space next to our front door that gets a little cold, so we ended up mounting an electric heater to the wall as there is a single plug socket. The heater only has an on/off switch so I'm thinking of adding a smart plug to make it easier to turn it on and off when required without having to physically go flick the switch. To make it easier to know when it needs turned on and off I'm thinking some kind of temp sensor would be useful. Something that can monitor the temp, feed it back to me and then I would take appropriate action i.e. its cold so turn heater on or it's warm enough so turn it off. Bearing in mind we only have a single plug socket for use. Currently have a Google home mini and Lenovo smart clock so obviously need something that can integrate with google home/assistant easily. I'm just beginning to think of adding stuff to my house (Xiaomi Mi light bulbs and a couple of smart plugs by Xmas day) so I don't know whats out there over and above the more well known smart stuff. Thanks
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