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  1. Recently I have been planning for a smart home but start from zero. So Im doing lots of research on it. Yet, I got some questions, which may sound very stupid to you. First of all, I got a bit confused about the hub thing. Since I can link devices to Echo via wifi, why do I still need that hub thing? Alexa is now able to do automations like setting routines. Echo itself acts like a hub now, right? So in fact, is it already good to go if I buy smart home devices using WIFI protocol and link them all to Echo? Another question is about Hubitat. I like digging into things as long as its powerful, no matter how steep the learning curve is. After watching some reviews on Hubitat, I know how powerful and flexible on automation Hubitat can bring us. But I got confused then. I want to control everything via Alexa voice control, but Hubbitat only supports Zigbee and Z wave but no WIFI. Can Hubitat discover and control the devices which Echo has discovered through WIFI? If not, that means I have to buy all smart home devices with Z-word protocol if I want to control them all with Hubitat? Or is there any way I can integrate? This concerns me a lot because I have to decide what smart home devices to purchase, wifi vs Z-word.
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