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  1. @AYL_Brian, I totally agree they do come across as lights but sure enough if I just had "name" It would turn it off and on but if I asked to simply turn on the lights it would control the whole house. As soon as I renamed it as "name" light... It worked and no issues since. When I had Hue connected directly through GH app I did not have that issue of needing to append the word light. Not a big deal to add the word light to the end of the name to get it to work.
  2. @AYL_Brian, one additional comment, for me... I had to go to the other phone and create a new automation to be prompted. I didn't have to complete the automation but I had to at least start it. We are all good now.
  3. @AYL_Brian, I'll screenshot you on Twitter private message, I have sloppily marked out private information but I don't want it on a public forum anyway. Verbal explanation is the menu option at the home screen on the left. One of the options is members and it shows both of us. The situation is if I'm setting up an automation in the app and one of the if available arguments is member location, under that is who when where, For the who it only shows me an option even if I click on it. I would like to have some automations where if both of us are gone or both of us are home or if she is home and I'm not. Since she is not an option in this, those are not available for me right now.
  4. @AYL_Alan, that would make sense but there were two lights pulled in through the connection of Phillips Hue and SmartThings. The speaker (NestWiFi point) and those lights were ask in the same room in the GH app. They are lights in the SmartThings app but their names are NOT John Light and Jill Light but simply John and Jill. I've never had an issue with that when Phillips Hue is pulled into the GH app but this happened when it came through smartthings. I'll probably try this again but wanted to get this out there for any known issues or suggestions.
  5. I have invited my wife as a member of the SmartThings app and our home. One of the features of automations is member location. The issue that I'm having is when I click on who I am the only option. When I check on who is a member of our household sure enough she is a member. She actually has a Samsung Galaxy s9 I have a Google Pixel3. I went into her app and made sure everything was enabled or approved or allowed but it still does not show up as an option. Has anyone else experienced this issue or know how to resolve this issue?
  6. Hey everyone, one interesting new issue, actually an issue that I've had the whole time but I'm bringing it up now. I decided to remove hue from Google home app and connect it through the SmartThings app. Everything seemed to be all right but I was in a bedroom and said turn on the lights and instead of just turning on the hue lights in the bedroom it turned on all the house lights. This was after my daughter's bedtime and therefore has made me very skittish. Is there a reason why hue lights connected through smart things would not be recognized as lights in a nest mini? Right now until I have a solution I have everything double linked.
  7. Thank You, @Brian W, this basically affirms some thoughts that I had. The only concern that I have with unlinking WeMo or hue is the latency of having to go through smartthings. I can simply do it and if I'm not satisfied I can change how I do it. Thank you!
  8. I I have SmartThings and hue light bulbs. They are both connected to my Google home app. So, now the hue light bulbs and other connected brands are showing up twice in the Google home app. If I delete the smartthings copy, it shows back up because I have not de-linking smartthings? I can remove the hue linked copy, but I'm worried then when I ask Google to turn off a hue light bulb, it has to go through the smartthing, then the hue app and then back to Google. I don't want Google to tell me I have X amount of things not set up because it's not in a room. I also don't want double copies in a room in my Google home app. How have you guys resolved this situation to your satisfaction?
  9. Chicken or the Egg? Truly sad that SmartThings hasn't added BLE when it is capable already. Sad switchbot didn't know this ahead or work ahead to know this. Now I have to get another hub, joy
  10. @AYL_Brian, I might be very glad that you just said that. I thought at the beginning of this post that it said at $300,000 of funding they would be direct integration with Samsung SmartThings. I interpreted this as it would connect directly with the smart things hub and not need a switchbot hub mini. Is that not the case? You still need a switch-pot hub? That is confusing if that is the case. Will it never directly integrate with SmartThings hub without a switch but hub?
  11. @AYL_Brian, I don't know how to remove the integration because there is no place that the switchbot shows up within my smart things app. As I try to set it up again, It gets to the screen that says that your account has been integrated with smart things and switchbot and all things will be carried over to smart things (something along those lines). My switchbot shows up in my switchbot app. Having the switchbot app on my phone and connected to the device, could that be the problem?
  12. In SmartThings I have connected with my Switchbot account and the options for devices is"other" it says successful but my Switchbot doesn't show up in my SmartThings. Am I missing something? Trouble shooting suggestions?
  13. This is great, any updates? Can you explain the difference between hub plus and hub mini for switchbot?
  14. @MNA1966, I so appreciate your candor. I currently have a TP-LINK AC900, with 0 control, rather good coverage but just not as reliable as a growing smart home needs. So the Nest WiFi AC2200, I hope would have as good coverage, much better speeds and at least some control over the network. I know Brian mentioned his Asus router with immense control, I think I would be a bit over my head. Keep us posted!
  15. I did not know that, thank you! my only direct knowledge with a hub right now is the hue hub which has to be direct wired. This is great news!
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