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  1. Thanks but I had already watched those. I did rewatch them just now to ensure I didn't miss anything. Brian does a good job with the basics of the topic. I have my amateur radio license so I have some practical knowledge of some of the radio interference issues. But I was looking for tips from a more crowded environment such as where I live which is a wood frame condo. I'd also like to change the Zigbee channel in my SmartThings V3 hub but it appears that's not possible. Hey, us geeks like to play with such. Sure, sure, give us the warning screens but let us shoot ourselves in the foot if we want to. <smile>
  2. So I got my SmartThings Hub V3, set it up and installed the Smart Thnigs app. So it discovers two Samsung TVs in my building and I'm thinking I'm going to take control of those just to be a smart ***. But then I discover I have to scan the hub, bulb and button QR codes before they'll work. So I strongly suspect the same thing, or simila, for the TVs. <chuckle> Ah, well, at least Samsung thought of the basics of security. Anyhow I've got the basics figured out. Although I can't quite see how the button sees a temp of 26 C. I suspect it's only about 20 C in my office.
  3. So I'm poking about trying to decide on which pushbutton deadbolt lock I want to purchase and I notice that Zwave locks are $20 or $30, maybe even $40, more expensive than Zigbee. Any idea why? I prefer the idea of Zwave as Zigbee uses the same RF bandwidth as WiFi so there might be more interference in an apartment block. Ok, so now I can't find a good example but I know I saw it. <smile>
  4. Larry, thank your for the info and the links. I watched the first 10 minutes or so of the video and got what I needed. Very interesting indeed. So I'm getting closer to purchasing the SmartThnings hub instead of the Hubitat. Hah, it does indeed have the option to send emails. (I run my own email/web server.) So I can send myself text messages via email when I'm not home when the door sensors go off. (Which would come as a great surprise to me as I live by myself. <smile>)
  5. To me 5G means cell phone system which means a monthly fee. Now is that fee per device or group of devices or ???? Also the battery required to reach the nearest 5G tower/antenna is almost certainly going to be significant unless you're a block or two away. So me? I'd stick with the free, known protocols such as Zigbee or Zwave or RJ45. Also being a thrifty kinaa person I always look at those monthly fees with a great deal of skepticism. $5 hear and $30 there can add up over a year. Lots of red wine can be purchased instead of monthly fees. <smile>
  6. To add to my previous reply, the diagram I found in the past showed that Zigbee channel 23 or thereabouts, was the default Zigbee channel. It is right in the middle of the third 2.6 Ghz WiFi "bundle of channels". Which the metageek article I linked to above doesn't mention the default Zigbee channel. As I don't yet have a hub I can't test all these settings. If that is the case then in a crowded RF environment, ie a condo/apartment complex, there is bound to be interference of some sort. That article also states many Zigbee devices don't support channel 26 so it would appear that channel 25 is the best option. Also that article really doesn't talk about the condo/apt scenario either. So to summarize the metageek article Zigbee channel 25 is recommended as it has the least interference with WiFi. Now if that works in the real word, ie you folks, is another matter. And the Smart Home hub, with the Z-wave and Zigbee support should be placed 3 or 5 feet from a WiFi Access Point/router to reduce chances of interference.
  7. Will this new rules API work on the V3 hub or might it require a new hub?
  8. Yup, I hear you on the separation between the WiFi Access Point/router and the home automation hub. When I run a WiF4i analyzer app on my tablet I see that multiple explicit WiFi channels are grouped into three "bundles of channels". So when I looked at a Zigbee page a few weeks or month ago I saw the default Zigbee frequency being smack in the middle of the third commonly used WiFi bundle of channels. Of course I can't find that web page or diagram now. Here's an article I just found that goes into lots more detail. https://www.metageek.com/training/resources/zigbee-wifi-coexistence.html Which I hadn't realized you could do but then I haven't yet purchased a hub. So now that I know this I will configure my home automation hub to use a channel in betwen the Wifi "bundles of channels". I should also add that I have my amaterur radio license so I'm always interested in exactly how RF is being used and I'm well aware that the public bands can have interference. For example a new radar system in use at some military airports totally broke one particular neighbourhods garage door openers. Turns out the developer chose some cheap foreign garage door systems that were not well built and were using frquencies not authorized in North America for such use. Fortunately as this was still in the warranty period the developer had to replace several hundred garage door systems. Oh well.
  9. I was thinking in between Zigbee and WiFi. Wifi seems to be able to handle a crowded environment such as an apartment reasonably well bu then I tend to use the less crowded 5 Ghz band. Also the bandiwidth consumed by non video and non audio sensors is very small. It only takes a few dozen bytes to tell a switch to turn off or on. So I'm not at all worried about multiple Z-Wave or Zigbee systems in the same apartment building. So when it comes to Zigbee and WiFi.conflicts WiFi could "drown" out Zigbee or otherwise cause interference.
  10. On the subject of WiFi security there is vulnverability called KRACK Attack. Now it took the vendor of my five year old Wireless Access Points at least six months to introduce the patch for my specific model. Now if your ISP supplies your WiFi then hopefullyh they've updated the firmware but who knows.
  11. TonyT

    Wiki pages?

    The idea solution would require no admin work after setup but we knew that. <smile> I was wondering if your forum software had such an option which would just be easily to implement but I assume not. Can you setup forum security where all users can update all postings in that forum? Unlikely but I thought I'd ask. Or maybe users with five or ten postings so they are slightly trustworthy.
  12. Ignore this posting. I'm not sure how to delete a posting.
  13. So has anyone noticed any issues with Zigbee in an apartment or condo complex which has lots of WiFi Access Points/routers? (Zigbee sits right in the middle of one of three primary 2.5 Ghz WiFi "channels". Yes, that's somewhat oversimplifying.) Given a choice I'll use Z-Wave but if Zigbee devices are a lot cheaper well ...
  14. From what I can tell some Ikea products, including the Fyrtur, use the Zigbee protocol. Now yes there is a remote available which I will velcro to the inside of a door which I can use before I enter the living room. But ideally I'd like a hub, preferably the Hubitat, to know when dusk is and close the blinds automatically. Then broadcoast on my Google Home Mini's that the blinds are closed. I do see device handlers for the SmartThings hub but I'd prefer the Hubitat hub as I prefer local processing. I do see several light sensors available for Zigbee and Z-Wave so this should all be doable. Any comments or suggestions?
  15. Now this will be some work to locate suitable software, install and configure . But it might be nice to have a Wiki site to go along with the forums to make pages that have current knowledge. For example I'm thinknig of purchasing some Wyze products but then I discover they don't ship to Canada. And I have some questions on Wyze products for which I've found the answers by browsing many forum postings here. I'm also, currently, a fast reader but I will soon be using a text to speach reader. <sigh> Having a Wiki page with the basics of the Wyze platform described. Paragraphs such as which products require the Wyze sensor bridge and which don't. Information that's hard to figure out no the Wyze website. Note that I'm not at all suggesting that Brian actually create these pages. Let the users of thiese forums create and maintain the pages. And yes I'm full of ideas and very little use in actually implementing them. <smile>
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