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  1. So I'm paranoid. I've been a programmer/software developer for 40+ years. <smile> I decided to see if my smart lock would lock itself after five minutes as per the SmartApp settings if the hub is powered off, And it didn't. But there is an internal setting which I will have to manually put into the lock which will autolock after various time periods. For my particular lock up to three minutes. Your software and your lock may work differently.
  2. Weelll, the owners of the TVs haven't yet taken control of them from a home automation perspective. Hmm, but you're right, it's like Bluetooth which only announces itself when you have the Bluetooth settings open. The TVs should be similar. On the third hand if you don't have a QR code or similar from the physical TV is that really a problem?
  3. The problem I have with ending the ST Classic app is there are at least one thing that the Classic app supports that the new one does not. Which utterly baffles me how Samsung can create a new app without all the functionality of the old app. Specifically the 15 or so various sounds, such as doorbell chimes, of the Dome Siren. The old app allows you to test each one. The new app just has some on or off features.
  4. Now I'm thinking in terms of putting a Dome Siren or equivalent above my condo door in the hallway. Then triggering that once the 30 second delay has passed on the Zwave smoke alarm. I'm also thjinknig of contacting my local fire department. I'm assuming they have address specific information such as hazardous goods or whatever. So I will give them their own 8 digit deadbolt unlock code. Using that code, or just opening the condo door, would halt the hallway siren from making any noise. Actually as I type this up this is helping my think about things. Just opening the condo door should be enough to silence that hallway alarm. There are three retirees living on my floor so at least one of them would likely hear my hallway siren/buzzer going off during the working day.
  5. I was thinking the ZWave smoke alarm has to send a notification when the Test button is pressed shutting off the smoke alarm for a few minutes. That should stop any such notifications.
  6. Brian/etc 1) I want to create a support request but I got a message about how my account couldn't create any. 2) I run my own email and web server with spam filtering turned on. The notification emails I received from you folks had a DKIM error of some sort. Fortunately no SPF or DMARC errors otherwise my rules would've rejected them entirely. If you'd like me to forward the emails with the headers please send an email to tony at tonytoews dot com and I will reply with such.
  7. The Rboy App - Chimes and Notifications for Doorbells and Sensors - http://smartthings.rboyapps.com/ states the following: "Want to know when ... and even speak it for you (e.g. Alexa or Sonos)." (I'm snickering at the concept of purchasing an Alexa Echo Dot device just to use as a loudspeaker from SmartThings but hey the price is right.) Somewhere, maybe even a very recent video by Brian, mentioned that Alexa was just given more capability in this area including playing some built in sound file including a barking dog. Just for grins I might pickup an Alexa device to muck with. Now how all this works inside the Rboys code I have no idea. I'm just mentioning this in case it might help.
  8. So I'm in my early 60s and live by myself. I'm slightly concerned about having a medical event, ie heart attack or stroke, while cooking. This in turn starts a fire, etc, etc, which could lead to extensive damage to the building. I've also given my neighbours their own unique smart lock key pad code on my Zwave deadbolt so they can enter my condo. There was also a very interesting review of the Z-wave First Alert smoke detector on Amazon where the smoke alarm went off while everyone was out or at work. The reviewer called 911 and had the fire department break into her house. They removed the smoldering object with a minimum of smoke damage and no water damage. Note that smoke and water damage is frequently the biggest expense and trouble. (These aren't legal in Canada because the vendor hasn't yet sought Canadian approval but otherwise they meet all American standards so that's good enough for me should I decide to import such.) So I'm thinking about the ideal setup for such a smoke alarm and to notify my neighbour. (Ideal might not be practical today or currently available cheaply today but lets brain storm a bit.) There has to be a delay of some sort so I can hit the fire alarm mute button for kitchen cooking mistakes which happen. And some sort of audio countdown such as "30 seconds to phone the neightbours, 27, 26, 25, Hit the mute button, 22, 21, are you burning something on the stove again Tony you moron?, 17, 16, ..." Then I'd like it to phone me, in case I'm not home, and my neighbours. This would wake them up if need be or if they are out and about. I don't know of any way for SmartThings to initiate a phone call using the Google Home Mini or Alexa. This could lead to robocalls. <sigh> And this is why alarm companies charge a monthly free. <wry smile> Now the RBoys Notifications app can supposedly send text messages but those aren't necessarily going to wake anyone up in the middle of the night. I have yet got that working yet but then I havent' done any troubleshooting there yet. I also can't read my phone, due to my retina disease, when I'm outside or in a vehicle even during a cloudy day. So I ignore text messages until I'm indoors somewhere. Any more brainstorming or ideas?
  9. I want the key fob to unlock my smart Deadbolt once I'm in Zigbee range of my condo using my SmartThings V3 hub. Trivial I know given that I can just use the deadbolt keypad but still .... It's a geek toy and I want it to work. <smile> Now I could also arm and disarm the SmartThings home security mode but I don't care about that one too much as I don't get out that much as I'm medically retired.
  10. I should add a few items. The neighbour and other folks each have their own key code for my door key pad dead bolt. So The Rboys app allows me to turn on various lights automatically when it's dark. So for the EMS folks I'm going to turn on all the lights. For me I have it turning on just the living room lights. And I'm now going to replace a few entry way and hall way dumb bulbs with smart bulbs to enhance this capability. As I add smart lights I do have to remember to go into the Rboys app and add them manually. Apparently SmartThings have their own deadbolt lock app. But it's NOT AVAILABLE outside the USA. GRRRRRR. OTOH the RBoys app might have a lot more functionality. I have to reread the RBoy apps documentation but apparently it, or maybe a companion app, can tell Alexa to play various sounds that are part of the Alexa library. Including a barking dog and possibly text to speech or your own MP3 file. If so, when I unlock the door with my code, I'm going to have a flourish of trumpets and a welcome home voice. Chuckle
  11. I dunno about Alexa but the Google Home Mini won't call 911. Which is quite understandable. So what if "You've fallen and can't get up" as per a TV commercial from a few, or more, decades past. Well, I read a news story a few years back about how some callers to the provincial, yes, this is Canada, 24/7 HealthLink service have described their symptoms and the Healthlink nurse has called 911 for them. So I've programmed my local provincial Healthlink number in my Android contact list which is now available on my iPhone and my Google Home Minis. Now it's hard to hear my Google Home Minis if I'm in the bathroom in my condo but if I turn the volume to 11 I should be ok. I also have a keypad unlock code for the condo lobby door. In addition I just inslalled a Yale push button SmartLock and have it programmed with a number of key codes. One of which is only for use by the EMS. It is easy for me to remember and tell the operator. And no I'm not telling you what it is. <smile> Also one neighbour, who is retired, has the key code should I have a medical emergency and something is on the stove. I purchased the RBoys lock management software and have it notifying me of whose key code has opened the door as a extra layer of paranoia. Why, no, I'm not medically diagnosed as paranoid. But I've been a software developer for 40+ years so that's how my brain has been wired.
  12. Folks, on a whim I picked up the Securifi key fob because it was $20 at The Source here in Canada. I've been chasing rabbit holes over on the SmartThings forum trying to get code working. It appears that the SmartThings Groovy IDE has tightened up some things in the code compiler since the code was published. Or something even more bizarre. So I haven't been able to get the Securifi key fob working yet. I see mention of an Iris smart fob but it doesn't appear to be on sale any more. Aoetec have a NanoMote quad but sheesh it sure isn't nano sized. That thing is twice the size that I want in my pocket. Any suggestions?
  13. Thanks but I had already watched those. I did rewatch them just now to ensure I didn't miss anything. Brian does a good job with the basics of the topic. I have my amateur radio license so I have some practical knowledge of some of the radio interference issues. But I was looking for tips from a more crowded environment such as where I live which is a wood frame condo. I'd also like to change the Zigbee channel in my SmartThings V3 hub but it appears that's not possible. Hey, us geeks like to play with such. Sure, sure, give us the warning screens but let us shoot ourselves in the foot if we want to. <smile>
  14. So I got my SmartThings Hub V3, set it up and installed the Smart Thnigs app. So it discovers two Samsung TVs in my building and I'm thinking I'm going to take control of those just to be a smart ***. But then I discover I have to scan the hub, bulb and button QR codes before they'll work. So I strongly suspect the same thing, or simila, for the TVs. <chuckle> Ah, well, at least Samsung thought of the basics of security. Anyhow I've got the basics figured out. Although I can't quite see how the button sees a temp of 26 C. I suspect it's only about 20 C in my office.
  15. So I'm poking about trying to decide on which pushbutton deadbolt lock I want to purchase and I notice that Zwave locks are $20 or $30, maybe even $40, more expensive than Zigbee. Any idea why? I prefer the idea of Zwave as Zigbee uses the same RF bandwidth as WiFi so there might be more interference in an apartment block. Ok, so now I can't find a good example but I know I saw it. <smile>
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