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  1. having the ikea button set to 80% didn't work that good. when you press to turn the light off it just turns 9 off the 10 lights off. sometimes just 8 off them. So not sure what's up with that. so will try the ST button now insted and see how that goes.
  2. i did see he explained a lot there. Might need to take some time when i have some free to read true it and see what i understand off it. I do like that you don't need to remember the codes in webcore that they are mostly all there with a click
  3. seem u are right. my ikea button was sett to do on/off . so i assume that's what messed it up and just turned it back to the previous 40% dimmed state when it was used again. But if i set it to a level. then the same button wont work as a on/off button sadly. i have also gotten a ST button. not sure if that will do what i want. also sorry for the slow reply guys.
  4. it worked perfectly. only one thing is when i usted my ikea tradfri 5 button remote to turn on the light again. it went back to 40% and not to the normal 80% i have it set to before.
  5. with your (piston) will that only start working when the light are OFF ? so i don't need to set a specific time for that one to work ?
  6. Really appreciate the answer. going to look into webCoRE and smartapp`s see. might be a bit to advanced but i will see 🙂
  7. So i got the ST hub and decided to get a ST motion sensor. But i struggling with getting it setup to my liking. My idea was: Sensor outside my bedroom door, so when i go out my door at night the light would slowly light up to 30-40% and then turn off after 15 min. But for some reason i can't manage to do the last part to make it turn off after 15 min in ST. Does anyone have an idea on how this can be done ?
  8. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a few ads too support what I like. But do kinda feel it's a bit way to intrusive here on mobile at least. Top glid down is really annoying. Same is also the full screen one I have gotten 2 times now. Makes it a tad hard to browse around the forum. 🤯 PS: Please don't use full screen ads for mobile. They are just so annoying.
  9. Hi from scandinavia. (Norway) I`am kinda new to really having a smart home and home automation. Mostly before now only had philips hue bridge with a few bulbs. But since just bought myself my first place before the summer, i really wanted to go deeper into this world. But its really easy to get confused and lost with all the products and finding something that will be working together. But its some off the "fun" isn't it 😛 What i have so far is Smartthings hub v3 , Philips Hue bridge + few GU10 bulbs , GU10 IKEA Trådfri and my last beauty the Xiaomi Mi RoboRock S5 😄
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