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  1. Hi. I am just starting my home automation project. Here in Portugal its not such a big thing yet... I started with a Samsung Smartthings Hub V3, and recently bought 4 door sensors and 1 vibration from Xiaomi and have been trying to pair them with the hub with little to no success. I did everything I found on youtube about the Smartthing IDE and was abble to configure the Device Handlers for these sensors. I got to pair 1 door sensor, but in the phone app it didnt do anything... I then tried the secound one and the vibration sensor, but cant get it to appear the catch all on the Smartthing IDE. All the videos I saw are with the old version of the phone app, but I cant get that one to work with my hub. It asks me for a code the V3 doesnt have. But I saw one video explaining they use the old app for pairing xiaomi devices, and use the new app for automations and the rest... I commented on all the videos I saw about this and only one answered me, and sugested I came here for help, because he had never done that. Can anyone here help me, please! Thank you
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