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  1. I have an established smart home system comprising:

    • Google Home Hubs and Google Minis
    • Philips Hue Lights and Hub
    • Switchbot Hub with Switchbots and Meters

    I have just purchased a Smartthings starter pack comprising:

    • Smartthings Hub
    • Motion Sensors
    • Multipurpose Sensors

    I also have a Google WiFi Mesh

    Having just watched Brian's excellent Can You Use Multiple Smart Home Hubs video I am mindful of creating duplicates and generally messing things up.

    Is there any risk in adding Philips Hue lights and Switchbot devices to Smartthings?

    I'd like to set up some automation such as switching on a Hue light when a ST motion sensor is triggered. Being new to ST, I assume this can be done in the ST app, but am I going to mess things up by adding my Hue lights into ST?

    Hoping to get some sage advice from those in the know.



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