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  1. What i discovered is that the devices might not be supported outside of the US. For Samsung Smartthings hub 3rd it says on Amazon 'does not work outside the US' If someone can please assist me with products that can work internationally, would be appreciated. Also, will the Eufycam E camara's work with Samsung hub or does it need to have the Eufycam hub? Any other suggestions for a good outdoor camara that will work with Smartthings?
  2. Hi TiJay, dink dit gaan n goeie rugby game wees. Thank you for the confirmation. To be more specific, we want to offer clients in SA with a solution to security by using IOT and home automation. Currently, there is not much that i am aware off to offer
  3. Thank you Brian. The only system I saw that is available here is AJAX. Have not seen that in any review.
  4. I would like to start my home automation with Samsung Smartthings Hub v3. The problem is that it seems that the devices are not available in South Africa to buy. If i should buy from eg. Amazon, will it work in SA. Any other products, ideas for South Africa Thank you
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