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  1. Have you tried unplugging and plugging it back in? Lol jk. Sometimes trying a different device (smartphone/tablet) can have an effect. See if there's different SSIDs i.e. SSID-2.5 and SSID-5 for your network (Make sure both devices are on the same SSID and frequency) While it should work as long as you're on the same LAN/WAN things don't always go as planned. My Lenovo 10 inch display disconnects from the network when my phone connects to it when I arrive home. Then reconnects and works fine. Try setting up at a friend's house just to get day one updates to your device, your bug may be patched already. Last resort check your router settings and Google the device and router name to see if there are conflicts/know issues of wifi radio incompatibilities. About 7 years ago I wanna say that Comcast/Xfinity had a specific Arris gateway (modem/router combo) that just didn't allow wireless connectivity of xbox360 devices that had onboard WiFi. It took a long time for them to patch out the problem. If that doesn't work factory warranties are a wonderful thing.
  2. Is the wind always blowing in your hair too?
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