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  1. I have a friend who got a new mesh wifi, they cannot get their 2.4 GHZ devices to connect. I believe the devices in question are CE brand that they bought from costco. I think the wifi is D-link, I can double check if it matters. They kept their old router and have it running as well. I'm not sure of the reason for that........ They have tried Brian's solution of using a WIFI hotspot and it didn't work! Any other ideas?
  2. Thanks everyone! I have used chromecast but the connection doesn't seem stable enough when I'm trying to cast while in this app, it always seems difficult to connect and keep connected. I downloaded bluestacks and it's working.
  3. Not exactly automation but to do with viewing of my automation. My security company recently shut down it's web interface for their alarm system so I am only able to view my cameras and system on my phone. My eyes aren't as good as they used to be so I have always used my computer to view camera footage and change automations/settings. Is it safe to use an android emulator so I can use my big screen, if so which is the best bet?
  4. I actually haven't plugged it in yet...I received it when we were going out of town for two weeks. When we got back my BIL and nephew were here.... They left 5 minutes ago so I'll do it today.
  5. It's a big topic which we can't use automation to tackle. Now if you could write a script or have Google reply......
  6. Brian's video today has me thinking about privacy and generational attitudes. I'm not to bothered by a little loss of privacy for convenience and security. I'm Canadian and in my mid forties. My children 21 and 23 think any loss of privacy is awful and see it as a much larger sign of the downfall of society. I see the police having the ability to know what cameras are available and the ability to ask for footage as an amazing way to keep us all safer by capturing criminals. My children are horrified at the thought. My parents both submitted their dna to ancestry.com to help with filling out their family trees, my children see that as a loss and of their privacy that their grandparents have forced on them. My children have no criminal tendencies so I can't see the downside myself. What are your opinions, and do they strongly differ from your children or parents? Is it somewhat generational or how did I raise such paranoid children.
  7. Amazon is always quick to notify me that they've delivered and between tracking numbers and apps I usually know right away.
  8. I was thinking the exact same thing! I'd love to get my mail delivered into the house. I have to walk down the block and I often forget about the mail. Unless I'm waiting for a package....lol.
  9. You are going to have to start traveling more. You could go to all the big announcement events!
  10. I wish that had worked for me as it was all 10 of my tp-link devices. Hopefully it was a one time problem as I don't want to do that again. I just picked up my smartdry (I had it sent to a friend as I was away) and I've put a load into the washer and I will be testing it soon. I've never been so excited to do laundry......lol.
  11. But I wanted to share a travel app that I've used for the last two years. It was brand new when I found it and it has only improved since then. It is very simple to use (somewhat automated) and helps put together the memories of your travels. You can order a Travel Book if you want and it's very easy to put together. The app is called Polarsteps and I think anyone who travels, takes pictures and loves technological solutions will find it very interesting. I believe there is an ios app but that's not my thing. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.polarsteps My trips are set to private but here is a link that should allow you to view what I documented while we were there without downloading the app if you are interested in what it looks like. https://www.polarsteps.com/ErinThomas/2025890-europe?s=ca5ce11f-1207-4b31-aace-d424c9464f45
  12. I'm back! Four months and I should have my Luxembourg citizenship so I believe the trip was a success, although Luxembourg set an all time temperature record of 40.8C (105.4F) while we were there and I thought I might die without air conditioning.
  13. I can't make self serve check in, luggage tagging and drop off work at the airport!! Why can I automate my house but I can't get my luggage to be scanned by the stupid self drop luggage scanner? Anyone else struggle with "smart services" in the community??
  14. While I was away on holidays my TP-link devices stopped communicating with smartthings. When I got home I tried to get them to work and couldn't so I re-logged in to Kasa (TP-link) through smartthings. I was able to add the switches and plug back into smartthings but needed to delete the old plugs/switches. In doing this, I lost all of the automations that included these devices and had to delete and re-add all of them to my actiontiles panels. Was there an easier way to get them working in smartthings and actiontiles? Has anyone else had issues with devices losing connectivity with smartthings?
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