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  1. Hi, I have an issue with my Google doorbell. Setup includes a Google Nest Hub Max, A google hub and several minis (also have SmartThings but don't think it's related) When the doorbell rings it only says "someone at front door", not their name. Facial recognition is set up and switched on with plenty of faces. I installed it last week and during the initial test it did speak the name. By the time I had installed the app on a couple of phones with a couple of email addresses then it stopped working. I've uninstalled the app, reinstalled it, spoke to Google on Twitter DMs lots (they are nothing more than guessing, support is crap). Has anyone come across this and fixed it? I'm UK based but I believe the recognition should work fine. I'm pretty sure the push notifications on the phone show the name if it recognises the person, just the hubs and minis won't speak it. Many thanks, Nigel
  2. Thanks for the reply, interesting! Not looked at Hubitat yet, still in the learning phase of Smartthings, Google and a bit of IFTTT and WebCore. Worried that if I introduced Hubitat everything would get 10 times more complicated and give me device syncing issues. I also read somewhere that Google may be introducing "device triggered" routines, is this true? Maybe then I could get smartthings to trigger a virtual switch/button which in turn Google home would react to that trigger?? And therefore may be able to say if a button is pressed then play a tune on a specific Google home via a routine... Dreaming? Maybe πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  3. Thank you Larry, loving the light strips! I'll have a look at logging to the console later. Have a great weekend! Many thanks again, Nigel
  4. Simple Summary: Can I use SmartThings to detect a press of a button and play Spotify on a Google Nest Mini/Hub? ============================================================================================= Equipment: I have an IKEA tradfri remote connected to SmartThings I'm not using the Tradfri hub, I don't own one. I also have several Google minis/hubs that can play spotify when asked. I have IFTTT and getting to know Webcore I'd like to be able to press a button on the remote, that then would play a spotify playlist on a chosen Google product. Is that possible? I can't see how to do it using SmartThings or IFTTT. I have even tried using WebCore to detect a press and trigger a virtual/simulated switch (as the tradfri remote didn't show in IFTTT) but don't know what to do next. Is this possible???? It would be great to play spotify with the press of a button, which I could then use in more complex things. My son would be very happy if anyone can help (as would I). Many thanks, Nige
  5. @Larry Underwood Hi again, So I've now used webcore and get the basics, your code you gave me makes sense. One issue is that Ikea bulbs don't seem to use the "color" attribute to control colour!>?!?! Though weirdly you can set the color using the "color" command in the code. However, trying to store "color" at the start sets the variable to blank!?!?! I can use your code to change the brightness and then restore it to where it was before the automation, and that works. Any idea on how IKEA bulbs control their colour? Also, I struggled to debug that as I couldn't see that you can put a breakpoint in webcore and then look at the state of the variables mid execution, is there a way to do that? Instead I sent the variable text to me mid code in the form of a push notification, which worked but I had to do one push per variable, I couldn't find a way to push something like: "Color is set to:" & color & ", brightness is set to: "& brightness" Is that possible? Or is there a better way to debug the code and see variable states during execution? Hope that all makes sense, any help would be appreciated. Many thanks, Nige
  6. Hi Larry, That's great, thank you! Never looked at Webcore but understand the code in principal. I'll try it in a few days time. I should think a lot of people are grateful for this. Thank you all so much for your help on this, great community! Nige
  7. Hi Brian, I had assumed Webcore might have been involved but having not looked at that yet I didn't know it's capabilities etc. I guess programmatically you need to grab the light colour/brightness before it's changed (if you can get such a property in Webcore), store it in a variable, change the colour, wait 10 seconds and then change it back to that variable. In theory that's simple but as my Webcore knowledge is a big fat zero then who knows, it will be interesting to see what Larry says.
  8. Hi all, Is it possible to use Smartthings in this way... Using an automation (or similar) is it possible to set a light colour (say red) based on motion being sensed on a motion detector, keep it that colour for a period of time (say 10 seconds) and then revert that light back to what it was previously. Obviously the "previously" is an unknown variable that could have been any colour, any brightness etc not necessarily something preset from a scene or similar. So I may have just asked Google (linked) to set the colour to green, and then motion sets it red for 10 seconds, and then it sets it back to green. Hope that makes sense, still very new to automation but have experience with programming etc so happy to try advanced things. Many many thanks, Nigel πŸ˜„
  9. Very good! I'll let you know how I get on and if I hit any limits. Loving the videos, ta!
  10. Thanks Brian! Will take a look at those too! Great to have a decent colour option for certain lights. Thanks for the link! So I'm assuming you haven't hit an upper limit for IKEA bulbs with Smartthings? Nige
  11. I've looked at them too but they need a hue hub. Any ideas how many IKEA bulbs can be handled by Smartthings without a TRΓ…DFRI hub?
  12. HI all, I am starting to (very) slowly build up a smart home. I have SmartThings and use Google rather than Alexa alongside it. I need to replace lots of GU10 bulbs so for now looking for a low cost option in the UK that allows dimmable white spectrum for warm and cold whites, that works with both Google and SmartThings. I've seen a few recommendations for IKEA bulbs ( https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/tradfri-led-bulb-gu10-400-lumen-wireless-dimmable-white-spectrum-90408603/ ) but also read somewhere that although SmartThings can control them without a Tradfri hub there is a low number of bulbs it can take on. Any truth to this? I have about 35-40 bulbs in 3 very large downstairs areas. Ideally I want to bypass the IKEA Hub with SmartThings, but want to be able to control the lighting with my voice via Google, set brightness levels based on time of day/light levels/phone app/etc. Any thoughts if the IKEA bulb can do all this OK without it's own hub? I'm also open to suggestions for other light bulbs. I'm aware of Hue and also know that LIFX GU10s are too long for my lights. Thanks in advance, Nige
  13. Thank you Larry! That was exactly what I needed to read. I had search for such an article but the ones I read were not as clear as that one. Have a great weekend! Nige
  14. Hi experts!! Should I purchase an older SmartThings v2 hub starter pack or SmartThings v3 hub They are both the same price but obviously the v2 is older but includes some sensors. I don't need the wireless part of the v3 hub as I will plug it in to the network. Are there any other advantages internally to the v3 hub? I understand it has less memory and a slower processor, even though it is newer. Radios the same? Many thanks, Nigel
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