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  1. I have tried to setup Wyze Motion Sensor & IFTTT to play a specific sound. I use the "This" - "Wyze, When Motion Sensor detects Motion" And "That" - "Android Device, Play a Specific Song" It says type the name of the song, says music depends on the device and setup. I have typed the name of song, exactly as the file name shows with and without .mp3 at the end, but when the motion happens, IFTTT says it worked, but my phone never plays the audio clip. Almost had it once, then my phone asked what default app I wanted to use to play, I picked Google Music. Anyone have any luck with this or maybe an easier way to get a different notification for each motion sensor?
  2. Anyone know if the new Nest Wifi will work locally without internet? On my Asus router, I could still see my POE cameras locally on my LAN if my internet went out. I already have the Google WiFi and that doesn't work locally.
  3. Total Square Footage is 20,592 Although sensors would be mostly used on the floor. Basic Picture Attached
  4. Reliability isn't a concern. If it works, great, if it goes down, they will just have to walk to the machine and see what the numbers are.
  5. My brother and I, do IT work for a big industrial plant. I need things, like temperature and vibration sensors. They have silos and all kinds of machines that need monitoring. Since it's a big place, I may need these sensors to use wifi instead of bluetooth. Also, another possible thing that would be nice is the ability to work without internet, in case wifi goes down or there is a security issue. Then I also wanted to be able to use something like actiontiles so the workers could view all of the info and readings on one screen. What kinds of devices and gadgets do you guys recommend or know of?
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