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  1. For some reason my nest hub no longer displays the video from my wyze cam. It just says the stream is unavailable.
  2. This sounds interesting - especially the voice commands!
  3. I have a Google Home(Nest) Hub display, and it does show my Wyze camera live feed. It takes a while, sits there with a black screen for a couple of minutes before finally showing the live feed. Not the response you'd want if you're wanting to see what has just triggered motion at your door though!
  4. Thanks - I definitely will. I've seen Actiontiles in Brian's videos and that looks like a good thing to have!
  5. ☺️Well when I worked for NASA I started out in a scientist role, working in the operations center of an x-ray telescope satellite, monitoring the realtime output of the instruments. While in that position I began coding in support of the project, and eventually I switched to a position in the high energy astrophysics archive group, creating web interfaces that other scientists would use to search and access archives of data. My son (age 12) is playing Roblox a lot recently, but so far he hasn't made me play it with him. And you know, the more cats the better. I figure I'll just add one at a time and see when I break! Well, realistically though it'll probably be 4 or 5.🐈🐈🐈🐈
  6. Alright wow I can't wait to get my system going so I can start coding with you guys! πŸ™‚
  7. Thanks Larry, this sounds like it may just be the perfect solution!
  8. Like Brian, I've been known to play Minecraft or Fortnite with my son, but on my own I'm usually scrolling down facebook, playing puzzle games on my ipad, or watching movies (MCU, LOTR, HP, SW, etc). I have two cats now, but have plans to become a crazy cat lady at some point. I currently work in IT, but in my far past I earned a masters in Astronomy (which I don't use and have mostly forgotten) and worked at NASA for a few years.
  9. Hello! I'll be moving to a newly-constructed home in about 3 months and I'm trying to figure out what to do about security and how that might tie in (or not!) with home automation. Currently I'm just getting started on my home control journey - I have a google mini, a google home hub, a wifi switch controlling a fan and two wifi outlet plugs controlling lamps. I'm thinking that I'll get a Smartthings hub next and add zigbee sensors and controls. I've never had a monitored security system on my home before, but would like to get one this time for added peace of mind (living on my own now). I'm not sure though, since security systems overlap functionality with home automation - entry sensors, motion sensors, etc. There's definitely more things you can do by building your own system, but then it's not monitored. Should I just run two systems in parallel? Just as an example two entry sensors might be on the same door: the home automation one turns on the lights, and the other triggers the alarm if the alarm is armed and the code isn't entered. Any advice?
  10. I'm in North Carolina too πŸ™‚
  11. I've had trouble with my 2 Wemo wifi plugs, which I am using for lamps. They worked fine for months, but now when they are on they will turn on and off randomly. When a lamp has turned off unexpectedly, if I ask Google to turn it back on, Google says it can't talk to Wemo right now. If I use the Wemo app I can turn it back on. So it seems like an issue with the connection between Google and Wemo. On the other hand I have a TP Link wifi switch controlling a fan and it has never lost its connection to Google.
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