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  1. I don't have the Nest WiFi yet, but I do have the Google WiFi mesh system; It's so simple to use, and it manages the spectrum, channels, and the usage between 5GHz and 2GHz automatically. BTW, the Nest WiFi was thought and expected to have WiFi 6 but they did not release it with the new Nest WiFi. There is a WiFi 6 router out there; I hear the Netgear Nighthawk might use it. And for the average smart home guy, it's meant for high density traffic like businesses, malls, but I could see the use of it when you have so many devices you can't keep track of it. Maybe one day we'll have neighborhood WiFi6. I think some ISP's will try to use this in some commercial areas.
  2. It would have been great if it could light up and use the siren (maybe even have 2 or three different noises). They look pretty convenient, just have to pick the right spot so it doesn't get in the way (power-drill, power-drill batteries 😅, power-drill battery charger....., hammer, favorite work gloves...) Oh, sorry, I'm just getting lost -put a sticker on me too. I think I'd buy some. Did anyone see the 8-pack with nest mini deal?
  3. Found a site that helps understand when sunrise and sunset occurs throughout the year: https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/canada/edmonton You could use this to coordinate automation triggers if you don't have it already built into the hub or app you are using. Kind Regards, AYL_Alan
  4. Either way, it's pretty amazing that you're bringing solutions to help people in a very very practical way.
  5. @PhilipDeanParkes RE: How's the router situation? You getting any fuss now with your D-Link? Or with pairing your Wyze bulbs. I lose them from time to time, and have to reconnect.
  6. It's like an alarm that you have to acknowledge or silence - very cool @FrankE. You've created some great processes. What happens if the person is not there for a period of time or does not take their pill? Is there a window of time the person needs to take the pill before the sequence starts over again?
  7. I had an issue today where all my Wyze devices were lost. No connection. I tried connecting each one again; Wyze told me that it could not connect to the WiFi (even though all the WiFi settings were in the system). I checked other devices; I couldn't reach certain WiFi bulbs and plugs either. I did a check on the Google WiFi app to see what devices were connected; mostly the personal devices (phones), tablets etc. But no WiFi plug, bulbs. It was odd. I thought it was a Wyze issue because I have experienced losing a camera or wyze sense a few times. I had a family member in the house that also had Google WiFi issues today too. He did what we're all told to do; reboot it. So, while placing a call into the Google WiFi support line, I rebooted the WiFi points. It found the devices, and we were all good. It was kind of scary because I had lots of devices that needed that WiFi connection. Google WiFi support was really good. They get a support code from your Google WiFi app and figure out what's going on in your WiFi point. They didn't notice anything wrong, but they did ask a really good question: Did I have another router that was connected to any other devices. I did not; but I know that at sometime before I did. It's a security issue, and having another router could cause some interference. Anyway, thought I should share, because I have had no issues with the Google WiFi Mesh; and it seems that the issue could be explained with possible updates happening; interference, or security. Have you experienced any issues with your Google WiFi or other WiFi router?
  8. I just got the pairing option working in my Garage. It's pretty cool. I got it working on the Google Home Mini's. Overall: It's a good setup. Small annoyances: There may some issues with naming conventions and how the speakers actually pair - and you have to remember to select which default speaker (but it should be obvious) you want to play music on. For example, once you pair your speakers (like I did mine in the Garage), you could accidentally select the kitchen as the default location to play the music, when you want it in the Garage. Sometimes, your speaker will not connect to WiFi in the connection process, and you have to start over again (by 'destroying' the pair). Have fun pairing. The two google home mini speakers actually output good sound (even in an open garage).
  9. Wow, so it was just some digital signal processing that made the output better? Boy, if we could manipulate it our routers with a special tool or diagnostic app, we'd be golden; we could find the right pattern to turn on/off the wifi signal and get better range. That's a pretty cool article @Hans. Thank you for sharing.
  10. Lots of talk and expectation of 5G outside the home and in the business world; will it replace or have a place in home automation soon? What happens to other protocols?
  11. Anyone having issues with their Wyze Sensors deactivating from the bridge? I don't know what happened, but I have to reset them now.
  12. Interested; Don't have smarthings or the light, or the plugin; but if you show us.... I'll get started! Thanks Larry!
  13. Thought this was pretty interesting that someone got their Hubitat Dashboard like dashboard setup on their Amazon Echo Show: https://community.hubitat.com/t/show-off-your-dashboards/1715/485?u=alan_ayl They did this by asking Alexa to 'Open Silk' (the Amazon browser?), then type the URL of the Hubitat. Hey that could bring more Amazon users to Hubitat.
  14. By the way, if you're wondering if you're ordering a phone from a different country (online, etc). There is a chart that shows the different GSM Bands (mobile networks)in the world. Please use your discretion; it could be out of date, however it's from Gearbest.com (online seller, like Amazon,etc.): https://www.gearbest.com/blog/how-to/country-based-mobile-phone-network-frequency-bands-coverage-guide-1144#C
  15. I love my Pixel 2 XL too- ba da bup bup ba - I'm loving it... too. I hope that the Pixel 4 is as good. Although I wonder about the onePlus 7 (that's the latest right?), if that one prices lower for the same specs. Although it might not have Soli.
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