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  1. I like that the Life360 has a smaller geo-fence that doesn't take up a substantial portion of my neighborhood. It's still bigger than I need, but it's much more workable. And I found an applet in IFTTT that meets my needs better.. It doesn't turn off the camera, just turns off the notifications, which is what was really all I wanted to stop. "Enable notifications and motion detection when you leave home on Wyze" and had it tied in with the Life360 location easily enough. We'll see how it works over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the help folks.
  2. I will try that. Thank you Brian. FWIW, I have noticed that the IFTTT app is incredibly inaccurate when it comes to GPS. I once had the bright idea of using it to switch my phone's wifi on and off when I was home or not... and just staying in one spot at home it would constantly claim I was at home and then not at home seconds later, only to claim I was home a few minutes later. I got so tired of it I had to disable that applet.
  3. Currently I don't have any other assets in the garage and only 3 Google Home minis and several hue lights in the apt, but I could buy a Wyze Sense kit. I just don't see how having it tied to the garage door being open is helpful since that's the only entrance... So even if a thief is coming in to the garage, the garage door has to open, and if it disables the camera as it opens, then that's not really protecting the place. I suppose an option would be to manually enable and disable the camera, and have a light change to red to give a visual reminder that the camera is off... Not an ideal solution since it's not 100% automated, but it could work. The WiFi is off of the 2 device wifi from our Spectrum Internet. I wish the Wyze Cam could connect to the 5ghz network we have, but it doesn't.
  4. I live in an apt and have an unattached garage that I installed a Wyze cam in to give me peace of mind. I would like to find a way to enable and disable the camera that is automated based on where I am... Ideally when I'm in or near the garage. The nearest corner of my apt is about 100 feet away. Obviously I don't want the camera disabled while I'm in my apt, but I do want it disabled when I'm in the garage. Unfortunately the Geofencing option on IFTTT is too large and covers the entire apt complex (and the complex next door) for it to be a viable option. I know that I can enable and disable it with my voice via Google, if I remember to do that; which is why I would prefer something more automated. Is there any other options that have a smaller geofencing area or allows for a custom area that I could use? Thanks in advance for any replies. ~Hath
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