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  1. Oh that's very interesting. Yeah so right now there's no integrator options for you to setup and deploy. With all your connections at Samsung, you should tell them to make that a priority!!!
  2. We actually have a skill now that you can download! It's getting lots of new features as we go. Go ahead and try it out! It's called Automate Your Life!
  3. Geez. A little congested hey? So that's clearly going to be a problem. I think Nest WiFi moves automatically though... Where did you get that map though?
  4. What I'd do is change your WiFi password and then reconnect all your devices and see if it comes back. Just a test actually to see if you own the thing and it's just being named incorrectly! In terms of losing connections, I'd bet it's more based on interference. I'd actually try and see if you can change the channel and if that helps any!
  5. Hey @Gaztyke - What's the range you're finding on that? I'd say I'm getting about 30-40 feet on a wallet from Ekster right now. Also, do they have a GPS map you can look on if it's out of range? I haven't actually ever used my tile tracker, lol!
  6. Uhhh...did anyone notice the new Amazon Alexa skill for Automate Your Life!?!?!?!? Rolling out today!
  7. Yep! That's what I've found too. I was just speaking with someone about this option yesterday. The really tricky thing about this is dealing with the radios. It's not easy, so you really have to plan location wise how you do this and how you connect your devices. You can't change the radio channels on SmartThings, so it may actually make sense in some cases to do dual hubs with a separate vendor (hubitat, etc.).
  8. Totally hear you @TonyT! I always push vendors for the Google and Amazon integrations. I think it's so important not just for the company, but you're right...for people such as yourself. When I write reports for companies, this is something I always hammer on them for if they don't have that game together. As for the routines...there's a LOT coming there with Google. Like...ALOT.
  9. I think I'm also adding a couple of the SwitchBot Curtains to my list now...I've been able to play a bit and it's a very interesting device.
  10. Those are great points @David! As always, thanks!
  11. I wonder @David if it's more about complexity than anything. The studio's a complex device to manufacture, so I wonder about how long it takes to complete a run of products and the QA levels they'd have to be put through. That's just me though...who knows really?
  12. I think you have a great start! @FrankE will definitely have some great options for you as well, but what are you thinking of automating? I think of things like getting a speaker in your home working and getting some sensors to tell you if doors like the front door, fridge, etc. are open. I also think about things like getting incredible sound together, so something like the Echo Studio might be a lot of fun. Anyways, let us know what you're thinking and I'm sure this great community can pull some options together for you!
  13. You got a good one Larry! Our ISP up here gave me a joke of a router and I instantly turned it into a dummy and brought in my Asus. Matt, I feel like you'd be pretty protected...and anyone who's trying to get free internet likely won't have the resources to hack through your Nest's security. Not that it's super hard...just I can't imagine many people being so motivated and capable of getting through security like that needing to save the money....you know? Having said that...it happened to you once...Wireshark allows you to track and trace packets. It's more meant as troubleshooting than it is for identifying new devices.
  14. Bixby Templates looks just like Blueprints with Amazon. The import function though...really smart. Very simple to customize your own lists and schedules.
  15. So I'm making up a Black Friday list for some of the things I'm looking to buy, but what are you all after this coming Black Friday? Also, what are you giving as gifts from the tech and smart home side of things? I think for me, it's hard to ignore the Amazon Echo Studio and their Buds. From a gifting perspective, the Nest Mini is a great option because the speaker is actually good enough for me to give it to someone. Also, I'm really loving my Hue Go and so anybody with that system...I feel like they'd love one.
  16. What if you used a sensing trigger? Sense the increase of power usage maybe? I would think a webcore piston could do this perfectly actually, because you could set the right conditions. However, a base automation might do it for you well enough. You basically want to sense a spike in inrush current.
  17. It's a massive integration that I don't think anyone else can claim great functionality with. I really hope the vendors jump on board with this and Samsung organizes this well in the app though.
  18. Did you guys notice a pairing option with your Fire TV and your stereo speakers (including the sub)?!?!? Just got my speaker setup did and done.
  19. I've pinned this @Larry Underwood - What an amazing resource!
  20. Ahahahaha - Well I buy lots of things on those days for giveaways!
  21. So there's like one vendor that's done so far, and you'll search per vendor as it comes in. Kind of an odd way to do it...I'd hoped it would be "smart life" and you'd be done. I mean...can you remember every smart life maker you've bought from?
  22. Oh that's really sad @FrankE - I think they should have at least given you a tour or something...You did all that work with them!
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