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  1. You're all Automaters, and so I don't need to tell you that you can do your part in slowing down the spread of COVID-19. You get it. As people with smart homes and smart lives, we have learned how to manage our lives through our voice, through our sensors, and through our ideas, and as we continue to show others how to do so, we can actually help the world become a happier, healthier, and easier place to live in. This is especially true during any flu season, but even more so right now as we all continue our efforts around social distancing. It's easy to take a message like this and laugh it off, but don't kid yourselves. Your Smart Home helps. Your ideas for automated living help. So stand up, get out your (heavily sanitized) phone, and share a little video or a picture of you automating something. Show a moment where you don't have to touch a device, and let your friends and family see how it might benefit them. You can also do this on your own Facebook feed, or your own Twitter Profile. So go forth Automaters and let's show the world how a smart home helps in this situation, as in many others.
  2. Oh sorry, missed this @FrankE! I think the speaker itself is a little lacking in a few ways. That's all. They clearly designed it a few years back and now I don't know that it's going to measure up hardware wise. That's really it!
  3. I don't know if this is a good way to glean whether or not people might like this enough to buy a kit. I wonder too...I think it's a good idea at its core, and maybe a few folks might really like one. I think they'd be the more advanced folks, so I do feel like Patreon might work but I wonder about some of the more DIY YouTubers too.
  4. I really like this topic! I was thinking about gesture control on the smart displays and phone control being really important to lessen the chance of passing through touch!
  5. So I haven't seen this personally yet...but ya, I'm not a big user of Bluetooth! Anyone?
  6. Here's a full walkthrough I found. This is a US Beta Tester. Some of the things he's shared with me have been very interesting...if not disappointing. I think the thing that's going to plague this device is that it was physically designed years ago for a different market.
  7. How did I miss this? Did it resolve @Peter? I was having some issues within Google this last week...still a few issues actually. My assistant was being really finnicky with what I had to say in order to get it to work. To put it in perspective, turn off the bedroom lights did not work...turn off bedroom lights, did.
  8. They are...I'm having trouble pulling it out of direct contacts too. They're executing right now, so I feel like they've kinda closed the doors to talking about it to focus on issues and moving forward. Really interesting time with the ST folks.
  9. Pig...Weed... What in the....ahhahahaahhahaa
  10. The Monkey man says to come here...so I do. What do I find!? Nice one!
  11. Hey Nige - Right now...I don't believe you can get this to happen. Hubitat you could make it happen but not SmartThings yet. There's just no allowance from Google right now.
  12. Keep working Grace! We're here to help! All us Automaters gotta work together!
  13. Oh good! So did it take a few adds in order to finally show up?
  14. Ohhhh! Well there's an "Automation" side of the Shortcuts App. Then you choose a personal automation and you'll see the ability to use a few triggers to drive personal automation.
  15. Whew! Lots of questions! Welcome, by the way ๐Ÿ™‚ So you're a Google guy, and the Sonos integration is not good. So hold off on that idea I think for the time being. I also doubt, given the litigation going on between Sonos and Google that we're going to see them help each other out any time soon. So... So if you're looking for whole home audio, Google can do this just with their connected smart displays and smart speakers. That's easy to run off a phone or tablet, as you can "Cast" to different speaker groups. If you want in-wall or in-celing speakers, just get regular speakers and a Chromecast Built-In receiver! Works great. In terms of security cameras, you can go Google directly (so Nest) but I don't think that's a requirement. It could help in the future, or not...but there are lots of devices you can ask a smart display to display. ๐Ÿ™‚
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