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  1. I would actually suggest using Tasker with this. That'll be tighter automation that should work more consistently and not have you deal with things like "default apps". The other option is if you have something like SmartThings, you could actually use a Sonos or a Bose speaker to play out a sound or a song from that service. Even just statements for a Text to Speech.
  2. Ok, so to take this further...is there a way to reference hex codes within our voice assistants or SmartThings now?
  3. AHHAHAHAHAHA! Get this man a beer, and get me a sword. *dubs @PhilipDeanParkes Sir Philip Dean Parkes*
  4. Oh that's good. They're getting quicker with multinational launching then. This is great to see.
  5. I don't have it yet. Do you? What's it look like!?!?!?! TELL ME!!!!!
  6. Very powerful...ok, this is my next purchase I think. I have another TV to buy...and I want a 45-50"" range of TV...so this is perfect! They're ahead in these simple ways...
  7. Hey @TonyT - Check this out - Also...this one's going to be useful for you....
  8. Yeah so it would come through the Hue Hub at the very least into ST...but I'm interested to see this one come out Kyle. Very good find with that little controller there.
  9. That's a really smart way to narrow down the timelines. Love this Larry. That way your smart home tech that goes with your Christmas decorations and comes out the following year with the rest of it.
  10. I think there's such a range of pricing right now Tony...I'm not sure there's a specific reason right now. In general, Z-Wave licensing seems to push devices up from about $10 to $20-$30...or even $40, but in the higher pricing ranges things tend to even out. What I will tell you about Z-Wave is that every single home panel out there today that works with a security system provider...is Z-Wave. So in lots of cases...they're just versions of those.
  11. Hey @Lordy - So you should be able to do this within your automation. If you're just using the Lighting automation, you can set (what is technically known as a deadband) for 15 minutes. Smartapps -> Smart Lighting -> Pick your automation -> Turn off after Motion Stops -> Set 15 minutes. Now since you're creating this slow rise to 30-40% you probably have something more complex. Still.... Within the new app base automations, once you've turned on a light, you can set an Auto Turn Off. Just go back into that automation in the new app and you'll see it and can set a 15 minute time frame. 🙂
  12. Tough one actually. Have a screenshot you can upload of both? It should be -> Start pairing ability with Nest Hub Max -> Go to app -> Choose Nest Hub Max -> Complete pairing process You could have to choose the headset as the default speaker, but it should just work...
  13. Are you sure Gaz? Or was that another late night...drinking too much...thing? 😄
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