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  1. Also, this is great timing because we have to get back to some Alexa features on the channel 🙂
  2. Oh that's a good one...didn't see this announced anywhere!
  3. You know what though...when you guys write things like this, I'm willing to keep it open. It's not a huge financial burden, I just did notice the drop off and thought...maybe there's no worth. 5 people is a lot to build something out of. Let's keep going then?
  4. Hey Automaters, I had really hoped that this would be a place we could gather and do a lot of great things with, but I think the fact of the matter is that over time I haven't been able to spend the right time and that has left this a quiet place. I can't personally drive engagement here, and while I can send a few people over here and there, it's just hard to break people out of using Social Media these days. As a result, I'm considering closing the forums. Are there any massive objections or ideas here, or is this something that's OK to let go?
  5. This is really great Larry! I like that little boat actually too. And thank you for keeping me in mind!
  6. I'd been looking at this for a while...It's not fun for the person setting it up and I'm pretty sure Google is working on this issue. 1. Change your own WiFi to the same as theirs 2. Set up the device 3. Send the device 4. Change your WiFi back You can also do this with a phone using a hotspot and then use another tablet or phone to set up the Google device. Should work!
  7. Yesss! This is actually showing up on the channel on Sunday!
  8. This is actually very easy and something that Amazon now has a help file on, however these instructions are really easy to follow!
  9. I don't see why not! As long as it fits across the length of your resevoir! It doesn't have to be reset, but it will take longer to clear due to the design. It's got a wet pad on the bottom and so that will stay wet for a bit longer.
  10. Oh wow! Don't go to so much effort. Well...I do like them alot!!!
  11. I have a couple Z-Wave options at the moment: Aeotec's Multi Sensor and Sensative Comfort Strip I'll think on the ZigBee option...
  12. I'm going to use this scenario in our update video about this Frank. It's a great breakdown of what happens. Any of your other integrations would be gone too. Google did say they would work on this integration still working, so hold tight for your 94 year old Aunt!
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