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  1. Well there it is! @Larry Underwood got it...and faster than SmartThings support confirmed that it was a PIR. Yeah so...heat is killin ya!
  2. It does look really nice Frank! I wondered how it would look, but I like it too.
  3. Hey @MNA1966 - So I actually made a comment in a video I recorded today (but won't come out till next Sunday) about this. Both Amazon and Google left WiFi 6 out, and I think the honest truth is that there are so few people that need that level of network speed right now that they just don't think it's worth it on a cost vs benefit basis. I don't really either yet, as 802.11AC seems to be able to handle a ton of traffic at higher speeds. Let's be clear...both of these companies want to sell you 20 cameras to stream in your home...and neither gave you a router or access point with WiFi 6 on it. Something is amiss for sure...and I think it's just that we don't need it yet.
  4. I've been sitting here now for a bit and I'm trying to figure out why this would happen to you....I mean it's supposed to be 15 feet away is the range and I think you're talking about a lot further. I started to wonder about reflections, and I do feel like the speed of the subject is really relevant as well. I've noted this in my own use of most motion sensors. I actually sent SmartThings a support request to tell me about the sensors because I feel like it's just a true motion/light sensor and not a PIR sensor. I can't believe I don't know this already as I use them all around my home...but...there it is. I'm 99% sure it's not PIR...but want to be 100% before I tell ya. This is part of why their upcoming Vision product is so important to them. Like @Larry Underwood said, person detection is becoming key as people find gaps in motion sensors, but the Vision likely won't be something you want to stick outdoors. Anyways, I'll let you know what they tell me...they have been awfully cryptic about this in their documentation for some reason...but maybe a PIR like the Wyze Sense makes more sense in the end. Let's see!
  5. Over time I think the Tri-Band option will become a good one for those in apartments and close in homes, but I think it's going to be OK with 5 GHz for the most part because of the number of channels to pick from and the relatively short range. I would think as things transfer to 5...it'll be just fine. 🙂 Oh, and if you didn't watch....
  6. Yeah I like the idea of a smaller button. But @FrankE - you used this to trigger Alexa routines directly?
  7. Sorry @Tania Lima da Costa - I'm guessing no one's used these with SmartThings yet! Have you tried this? https://community.smartthings.com/t/faq-help-new-to-smartthings-will-xioami-sensors-work/143948/2
  8. Too bad. That'll mean it's not so useful outdoors for sure...I wonder why it got so quiet though? You should be able to make a very loud small speaker.... Just have it screech!
  9. You know that's a really good point @MNA1966 - The lack of oxygen in a space could indicate it. You'd need something that filled back up without pressure on it...and an O2 sensor...and now we're back to square one. But it's a good idea! Pressure isn't the only change for sure.
  10. Thanks David. This was one I hadn't found either!
  11. Hey @MaciaK! Welcome, looks like this is pretty standard integration. Go to Add and look up Digoo and you'll find a DigooLife integration! Then I think it's just ask if a device is open or closed. I'll be interested to hear your reports on how it is!
  12. I think the first run (which is what you have Alan) have been disconnecting lately...just like @Stukes said, I think a reboot usually fixes it but I had to play with mine. Also, eventually...my first Wyze Cam died...not saying that's happening but that's what was happening to me!
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